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Intertribal Tensions Plague Resettled Thukker

2010-09-15 - 작성자 Svarthol

Ryddinjorn - Ethnic violence broke out today in the normally quiet town of Hrangsdor, as the predominantly Brutor community reacted to the presence of resettled Thukker members of the Fuldis caravan.

Formerly nomadic, nearly half of the members of the Fuldis caravan opted to form a permanent settlement last fall, choosing Ryddinjorn as their new home. Since that time, the lukewarm welcome has turned to outright suspicion, culminating in today's outbreak of widespread vandalism and protests.

Many residents are suspicious of the Thukkers' motives for settling down. "Everyone knows that the Thukker will adopt anyone," said Amadou Zoreya, a local Brutor man. "They come here, fill our kids' heads full of wild stories about deep space, and lure them into their caravans. It's not right."

These Thukker maintain that their nomadic days are behind them, however. "We just want to fit in," said Emmen Ulffsson, one of the resettled Thukker. "We want to live our lives and prosper just like everyone else."

But the cultural divisions go deeper. During the Amarr occupation, the pragmatic Thukker viewed mobility as the best defense against enslavement. But to proud Brutor tribesmen, this same mobility was viewed as tantamount to cowardice. Raelan Kahoku, a Hrangsdor Brutor elder said simply, "I would rather die fighting than flee into space," and it seems this sentiment is widely shared.

Authorities have brought the situation in Hrangsdor under control, but the violence has left many Thukker once again contemplating relocation. Lamented Ulffsson, "Maybe our nomadic days aren't quite over yet."