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John Rourke To Receive Award From Pioneer Alliance

2009-05-22 - 작성자 Svarthol

A Proteus Class Cruiser will be awarded to John Rourke by members of Pioneer Alliance in recognition and thanks for his work on his latest blockbuster holoreel 'Clear Skies 2'.

The holoreel, which has hit the screens earlier this month, is currently being broadcast throughout New Eden receiving numerous accolades and sparking the imagination of many capsuleers.

TechPalatinus, Pioneer Alliance's CEO, stated "The creator of 'Clear Skies 2' has done a lot for [New Eden's community]... We felt it was within our means to reward him for his efforts."

Strategic Cruisers are still rare ships in New Eden. These ships require specialized training and can be prohibitively expensive; a fully fitted Proteus can cost up to 3 Billion ISK.

John Rourke's reaction to the award was of genuine surprise: "I'm honoured by them and [by New Eden's] community, this is a fantastic gift. It's a real sign of how much people liked the two films, so very rewarding." He has already determined how he is going to use his new ship: "I'm going to look at its shinyness lovingly, fit it out with expensive gear, and then swan around highsec."

The ship turnover will be held in John's home system of Oimmo, at Planet V, Moon 1, Caldari Navy Station. The event will commence at 19:00 on Sunday with an "honour lap" of the surrounding systems. John is expected to fly the original Clear Skies Tempest battleship, while Pioneer Alliance will fly alongside in Tech 3 ships.

It is unlikely that John will be able to fly his shiny new ship out of the dock on the first day, as he will need some time to train the necessary skills.

The Interstellar Correspondents intends to be present at the ceremony and will keep you updated on any changes to the event.

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