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Khanid Bookstore Achieves a Record Quarter

2009-07-25 - 작성자 Svarthol

Khanid Prime - The Khanid Bookstore has declared a record 3.6 billion ISK turnover for the month of May. The figure came after the venture had achieved a 1.2 billion ISK turnover in April.

The Bookseller is a retired industrialist who established the Khanid Bookstore in order to bring skillbooks to the residents of the Khanid Kingdom who lack easy access to educational facilities in the region.

The venture, which has now run for more than one year, imports a wide selection of skillbooks from Tash Murkon's Hedion university and resells them with a small markup to cover transport fees and to allow expansion of the store's catalog.

According to the Bookstore's CEO, the reduced presence of competition and the ever growing catalog, has pushed May sales to 6,165 books; breaking the old record of 5,881 set in June of last year. The adoption of a conservative purchasing strategy allowed profits to reach 188 Million ISK before taxation.

While The Bookseller expressed satisfation for Q2 sales, he points to the success as evidence that the region is underserved despite the demand: "I have long stated that the Bookstore is working in an area that should be covered by the authorities... there is a lack of everything."

Despite the Bookstore's efforts, pilots who fly in Khanid Kingdom may not immediately recognize its brand, or either know it exists. Vanislevagabon, a capsuleer who lives in the area, explains he acquires books from agents or flies himself to other universities. He admits that those reclutant to travel far might find the Bookstore handy.

The Bookseller has had some issues with advertising methods: "books are sold - by definition - to the lowest price... this makes brand loyalty, marketing, advertising, etc, all useless."

Further complicating the public relations of his business has been the attempts by several competitors to steal the Bookstore's business through the use of similar trademarks: "Authorities should be notified about these [impostors] and action should be taken," was Archbishop's complaint on GALNET.

The future of the Khanid Bookstore lies in its ability to remain competitive while becoming a widely recognized entity at the same time. With the limited means of advertisement, the Bookstore is hoping that their forthcoming expanded selection will bring them more regular business.

"The means are very limited... I have thought of opening a real office but is quite expensive in Khanid Prime," The Bookseller explained, adding he will also try to spread the store to other solar systems, should turnover and investments pay out.


Khanid Bookstore's celebrates one year of activity

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