New Jump Drive Prototype Fails | EVE Online

New Jump Drive Prototype Fails

2006-09-09 - 작성자 Svarthol

It has been reported that a live test of a new jump drive system created by InoTech Star Drive Solutions failed in spectacular fashion late last Sunday evening, resulting in the destruction of a small Caldari Navy taskforce.

Shortly after 2100 New Eden standard time, InoTech initiated a major test run of its highly advanced Jump Drive Technology. The Jump Drive prototypes, which had previously been used in a series of relatively successful but limited tests within Caldari space, were installed in a number of Caldari Navy warships in order to conduct more advanced testing. The Caldari Navy, reportedly looking to be the major beneficiary of the new system, has taken control of all further testing after an earlier trial saw a number of InoTech test ships overshoot their destination and illegally enter Gallente Federation space.

According to Navy sources the object of the test was to use the prototype Jump Drive to send five combat fitted navy vessels long distance into the 6WW-28 system in Vale of the Silent from a secret location within Caldari space known as the "Icarus Testing Range." With the CEO of InoTech, Inoki Shotsu, on board one of the Navy carriers present and reportedly under arrest by order of the Caldari Business Tribunal, the operation was led by InoTech deputy leader and chief test pilot Seda Inzi. Arriving at the target coordinates intact, surrounded by a heavy Caldari Navy support fleet; the test appeared to have been a success.

However as the remaining four ships, piloted by volunteers from APEX Unlimited began to follow with jumps of their own, a phenomenon described as a "spatial rift" formed in the middle of the Navy fleet and widened with each subsequent jump sending the test ships far off course. The spatial rift collapsed and caused a shockwave of tremendous power to echo out from its point of origin, annihilating the entire Navy fleet including two Chimera-class carriers.

Though the event was witnessed by a small patrol from the Kimotoro Directive the Caldari Navy has yet to confirm its losses from the incident, but sources estimate that the final toll will reach several billion ISK. No word has been given on the future of the Jump Drive prototype or that of InoTech Star Drive Solutions. However with its CEO apparently detained and under investigation and the Corporation’s main supporter reeling from such a significant and high profile loss; many industry analysts are predicting that the prototype will never leave its current phase.