Nullification and WCS Updates – testing has begun! | EVE Online

Nullification and WCS Updates – testing has begun!

2021-05-12 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Balanced Capsuleers,

A new update to nullification and warp core stabilizer gameplay is live on Singularity and pilots are encouraged to head to the Singularity server to try out the new changes.

Converting nullification and warp core stabilizers to stand as active modules that have a substantial cooldown between uses will add depth and alleviate concerns around their previous use as a powerful means to escape.

These updates ultimately look to add gameplay depth and subtlety, while ensuring they serve a more productive role across EVE Online and its community.

Head to the EVE Online Singularity guide now to learn about joining the server! Then head to Singularity to join the test.

Do you have something to say about the update? We’d love to hear from you! Head on over to our forum to share your thoughts and feedback.