Old Portrait Services Temporarily Re-enabled | EVE Online

Old Portrait Services Temporarily Re-enabled

2013-10-23 - 작성자 CCP Falcon

After several queries from the community regarding the availability of the server hosting pre Incursion character portraits, we have decided to temporarily re-enable this service to allow players to download their own old portraits, along with any others they wish to keep for nostalgic reasons. This service will remain online until downtime on Monday, October 28th when it will be retired permanently.

There are various player-created tools out there to compare old portraits from before the release of the new character creator to the newer carbon based character portraits, which unfortunately, will cease to pull the old portraits once the server is offlined for the final time on Monday.

While we appreciate the player effort to create these sites and value their contribution to the history of the community immensely, we feel that the time to retire this legacy service has now come.