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Panic on Intaki Prime As Word of Memorandum Spreads

2009-08-12 - 작성자 Svarthol

Intaki - The Intaki government has imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew on several of Intaki Prime's largest cities following widespread riots and looting. The unrest comes in the wake of rumors spawned by Tibus Heth's recent memorandum, which states the Caldari will be auctioning off development and exploration rights to occupied Federation territories. Police and planetary defense troops are out in force on the streets and major media outlets have suspended normal broadcasting.

Since the initial round of panic and protests that swept the Intaki homeworld when the system first fell to Caldari forces in March, life on Intaki Prime had largely returned to normal, despite growing shortages of goods not produced on the planet (primarily high-tech and heavy-industry products). Heth's memorandum, however, has given new life to fears of a violent Caldari occupation, similar to the one imposed on Caldari Prime for the last 14 months.

There has been a reported increase in hate crimes by Caldari supporters against Intaki Prime's ethnic Gallente population, though Intaki public safety officials say it is not of the "epidemic" proportions some have claimed it to be. A large number of Gallente are fleeing the cities, and while many have been offered shelter by Federation military bases, few have accepted. Analysts have attributed this largely to the Vielle de Tempete incident which took place a few months ago on Caldari Prime, in which thousands of Federation soldiers were orbitally bombarded by Caldari forces inside a fortified military base.

The Intaki assembly has promised to "make the transition as smooth as possible," a statement many have claimed represents complete surrender to Caldari forces. Since Federation troops report to the Federation president, it is unclear whether they would obey the assembly if it ordered them to stand down. This uncertainty has contributed to the general populace's fears that widespread bloodshed may be imminent.