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Preaching to the Choir

2007-03-07 - 작성자 CCP SoniClover

Good morning congregation, be seated. Today’s sermon speaks of the holy book, the EVE Bible. The EVE Bible only has one commandment, coined by the prophet Reynir Harðarson:

"If it looks good, it is good."
-Reynir Harðarson, very drunk at some party ca. 1999.

The EVE Bible is the why’s-why and the what’s-what and the where’s-where on the EVE world – the history, the setting, the art, it’s all explained in nitty-gritty details here. Now, before you run to Amazon – no, not that Amazon, this Amazon – to look for it, let it be known that the EVE Bible will never be published. Its words of wisdom and fabulous art are for CCP and WW eyes only. Yeah, yeah, suck it up, crybabies!

Let’s get serious for a moment. The idea for creating an EVE Bible came shortly after CCP and WW merged. It is customary at WW for any big project to create a tome of information, describing the setting, the atmosphere and the art styles of the project. This tome, termed bible, is then used by designers, developers, writers and artists working on the project, ensuring the project is coherent and makes sense.

It is a well known secret that one of the main reasons for the CCP/WW merger was to broaden the EVE brand into new media. In order to do that there must be an EVE Bible accessible to all those working on non-computer related EVE stuff. Luckily, a lot of data useful for the bible already exists; it’s just a question of compiling it and tailoring to the specific needs of the bible. Hopefully, this means that we will see some EVE related products soon (look there isn’t even a ™ symbol after soon, that’s how soon it might happen).

Now, stand back a little, because I’m about to kick myself in the teeth, retracting a statement from above. When I said that the EVE Bible would never be published, that is true, but only at this point in time. The only reason why we want to keep it secret is because it contains materials and information that we don’t want to reveal to the public (for instance historical tidbits we want to keep secret for a little longer or stuff that’s not yet in the game). Maybe someday down the road those considerations are no longer valid, at which time we might very well decide to reveal the secrets of the scriptures! Mwuhahahahahaha (manic laughter brought to you courtesy of caffeine overdose and sleep deprivation).

So says Clover.