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President Roden Sends Condolences to Empress; Urges Caution

2010-03-25 - 작성자 Svarthol

Villore - President Jacus Roden has officially transmitted condolences to Empress Jamyl I following the deaths of several thousand people - including Theology Council head Mervan Moritok - in a devastating explosion at the Amarr Ministry of War station in Pashanai system. Although the explosion was initially believed to be an accident, the Amarr Ministry of Internal Order are now investigating it as an act of terrorism.

In a statement on behalf of the Gallente Federation government, the President's office said, "The explosion and the thousands of deaths and injuries are a tragedy for the entire New Eden cluster. We note with regret the death of High Deacon Mervan Moritok and offer the condolences of the Gallente Federation for his and other deaths resulting from this terrible event."

Commenting on public statements of Amarr security officials suggesting the station explosion was a deliberate act of terrorism rather than a tragic accident, the release urged caution: "The Gallente Federation stands ready to offer any and all assistance that may be required both for rescue workers and investigators. If this tragic event is confirmed to be an act of terrorism we respectfully urge caution so that the true perpetrators may be punished without any further unnecessary loss of life to innocents."

The President's office confirmed that Federation Navy units have been put on stand-by along the border with the Amarr Empire to serve as an aid and security task-force should any assistance be requested.