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Presidential candidates to seek support from corporations

2004-10-19 - 작성자 Svarthol

Three candidates have emerged as forerunners in the upcoming presidential elections in the Federation. The three all have sizeable backing within the Federation, guaranteeing them a place on the ballot. Souro Foiritan has been working diligently to become the candidate for the Progressive Party and his official nomination is now merely a formality. Mentas Blaque has already been named the candidate for the Sociocrats. The third candidate is the eminent humanitarian Eman Autrech, who’s liberal agenda on free trade and galactic unity have earned him support from various quarters of the Federation.

The candidates are aiming to enlist the aid of corporations in promoting their cause, as corporations have the discipline and wherewithal to give more substantial support than individuals can ever do. To this end, the candidates will soon start asking any corporation that’s interested to sponsor their candidacy. The sponsoring corporation will then have a chance to show their diligence and resourcefulness, with the best ones receiving hefty rewards.

At the same time, the candidates will spare no expenditure in presenting themselves and their policies to the public, hoping to drive their image indelibly into the minds of voters and well-wishers alike.