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Prospector’s Path

2022-03-09 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Resourceful Capsuleers!

Industry is the backbone of EVE, and mining is a forceful driver of New Eden’s industrial machine. With the update to resource compression and new NPE mining adventure going live this week, Prospector’s Path celebrates these sweeping changes to industry on the Road to Fanfest !

There’s never been a better time to go mining in EVE, so join the celebration and dive into a special Mining Blitz event, log in daily for free gifts and challenges, and mine in style with offers on great SKINs!

Mining Blitz Returns

From now until 16 March, you can dig into some intense industrialist activity with a new Mining Blitz event! Fly solo or with a group of friends and gather unique resources from Mining Expedition event sites while fending off NPC attacks, then deliver the ore to a nearby NPC Orca. Depending on how fast the site is completed, you will get ISK and Loyalty Points, and the latter can be traded in at special Resource Wars LP stores for exclusive SKINs - including a new freighter SKIN - and apparel.

Daily Challenges

For each day the event is running, you’ll also be able to complete daily mining challenges to gather varying amounts of ore. Depending on how many units of ore you’re tasked with mining, you can score up to 10,000 Skill Points for completing the challenge!

Daily Login Rewards

On the subject of celebration, log in daily during the event until 16 March to claim free mining-focused boosters and up to 20,000 Skill Points if you’re an Omega. Make sure you log in for five of the seven days of the event to gather up your goodies!

Venture FFA Abyssal Proving Grounds

To further celebrate the industry updates, a new Abyssal Proving Grounds event will run from 12-14 March. Grab your Venture and fit it for an intense 48 hours of free-for-all warfare! The skill requirements are low, the stakes are affordable, and everybody’s welcome in this fun twist on the format. Keep an eye out for the dedicated news to get all the info on arena bonuses and restrictions.

New EVE Store Packs

To add further fuel to those industrial fires, you can get brand-new packs in the EVE Store featuring Omega, Skill Points, PLEX, SKINs, character apparel, and more!

The Industrial Commander Pack contains Omega, PLEX, Skill Points, an Expert Cerebral Accelerator, and the Porpoise Radioactives Reclamation SKIN. Perfect for boosting your climb up the industrialist ladder with a blast of color!

For a limited time, you can also get the Dress to Compress Pack, containing the stylish Men’s and Women’s AIR Claim Surveyor Suits, and the Orca Nocx Rush SKIN.

Both packs will only be available until 31 March, so act fast, look sharp, and mine smart!

New players who’d like to give their mining careers a turbocharge can also take advantage of the new Prospector Pack, containing a fully fitted, flight-ready Retriever, the necessary skills and modules to pilot it, as well as 30 days of Omega. It’s the perfect starter kit for any prospective mining tycoon!

New Eden Store SKIN Offers

Make sure you look the part when raking in the ISK and ore by heading to EVE Online’s New Eden Store and taking advantage of some special mining-themed SKIN discounts! Until 16 March, you’ll be able to grab assorted Radioactive Reclamations SKINs at a discount of 25%. Similar savings are available for the Radioactives Prospectors and Radioactives Rockeaters bundles too!

Be sure to stay tuned to CCPTV on Twitch for upcoming Prospector’s Path event streams. Fanfest is coming and a brighter future awaits New Eden. What better way to celebrate than by smashing up some rocks?