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Providence Resettlement Continues

2010-04-11 - 작성자 Svarthol

Shintaht, Providence - The resettlement of Providence being lead by Against All Authorities [AAA] has continued over the past two weeks with roughly a dozen systems changing sovereignty from the Providence Holders to several new small alliances entering the region.

Manfred Sideous of AAA commented on his Alliance's previously announced plans for the region, stating that "this has been an ongoing campaign where we are removing Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] and most of the holders from Providence... to return to the status quo with Providence residents as sparring partners... when we are totally done... there will be over 20 alliances residing in Providence."

Agony Empire is one of the new alliances that entered the region, currently holding sovereignty in five systems. Christina Bamar reports that "we were living in Syndicate when we were contacted by AAA asking if we were interested in maybe getting involved in Providence. We typically don't bother with sovereignty wars, but the circumstances were unique enough for us to agree. We moved down, started killing things and then took sovereignty, not really anything too notable [as we] didn't get any resistance... some small gang action here and there, but CVA and friends never contested our [entry into the region]." Asked about their future plans for the region, Christina answered that "ultimately we're a neutral entity that sometimes will set temporary standings in order to accomplish goals... this campaign is no different, we were neutral before and we'll be neutral after."

Manfred Sideous commented on Agony Empire's entry into the region by stating that "Agony is a good group that is looking to experience owning space and all that comes with it. We feel they will enrich the region and therefore felt they were a good addition", going on to remark; "disappointing that [CVA] are unwilling to make any attempt to defend their space. You would think they would feel empowered to not let it go without a fight." Regarding the new alliance's operations in the region Manfred added that "AAA sees these small groups as fragile and will need to ensure that their sovereignty doesn't come under attack for some time. For us, when someone tries to attack these small groups and take their [systems], we will treat it as an opportunity for fun fights."

Sodalitas XX is another new small alliance now settling in Providence after entering the region earlier, Senjo Ling described engagements as mostly focused on infrastructure and control tower fights, with the general outcome being considered as "decisive and effective, we've so far crushed all resistance. We've had a few stupid losses but generally we're playing it smart and boosting our... efficiency."

Libertas Fidelitas [LFA], one of the major Providence Holders and the Alliance responsible for initiating the conflict, made a public announcement by executor lasterax stating LFA's indepence from CVA and claiming the "lost authority" of CVA executor Aralis. "We have no malice towards CVA or its members, we just don't agree with Aralis' direction or how CVA is choosing to make decisions. We didn't feel included in the decisions, decisions that have a great impact on us and have impacted us greatly. We couldn't do that anymore and should have done this immediately after it was pretty clear Aralis was not going to change his position." Asked to comment on his Alliance's relations with other Providence space holding entities, lasterax added that "we have contacted AAA and Ushra'Khan [UK] and told their diplomats we have no intention of further sovereignty aggression against them. We are rebuilding, while we are hostile to each other it has been kept to the skirmish level." Regarding LFA's perspective on the conflict, lasterax stated that "it's a disaster, a disaster created by an utter refusal to talk to a reasonable adversary and reach an accord. It's caused by dogmatic religious beliefs and an overactive sense of foolish pride. We lost our pride when we lost the battle of D-GTMI, from there we should have pushed for peace and got busy rebuilding and retooling for the future, that didn't happen." lasterax expects that "AAA will make good on its promise to ensure CVA is no longer a threat... from there I anticipate U'K will be spearheading the administration of Providence with the other smaller alliances... taking up residence."

Manfred Sideous of AAA commented on the LFA public announcement, stating that "groups should not feel beholden to others. lasterax and others of LFA felt there was hypocrisy with the CVA/Holder agreements and stepped away. AAA does not wish nor will we try to dictate the politics of others in Providence. The only thing we ask is to do not attack our space. Those that do will suffer retribution as has been clearly illustrated in Providence... AAA will be resetting the new groups in Providence once [the region] is secure [but] the sovereignty protection clause will still be enforced."

CVA Alliance leadership has refused to speak with the Interstellar Correspondents on the recent Providence developments.

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