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Reactions from Republic to Agreement with Thukker; Many Questions Remain

2009-04-04 - 작성자 Svarthol

Rens, Heimatar – While the announcement of political union with the Thukker Tribe has been overshadowed by the disaster of the lost Great Caravan – recently confirmed to be the important Lakat-Hro caravan – many Minmatar Republic citizens remain concerned about the implications. With the political establishment now looking toward the upcoming tribal assembly to shape the Republic, certain segments of the Minmatar population find themselves confused about who to look to for leadership.

"I don't fully understand what the Republic is any more, so how can I be expected to understand what the Thukkers' joining it means?" said Jonas Fylfior, an office manager working on a Rens space station. "My father told me never to trust a Thukker," said Ysabel Vher-Orff, echoing a sentiment seldom voiced but shared by many. "I know we're not supposed to say things like that, but this agreement worries me." Others were more upbeat, such as Republic Fleet Ensign Markh Torquat. "Look, the Sanmatar knows what he’s doing, and if we want more guidance we can go to our clans and tribes," said Torquat. "The Thukker are just one more tribe among many."

Politicians and commentators also expressed varying opinions: "What's been announced seems to be just an agreement in principle with very little detail," said Krusual parliamentarian Tobias Efrit. "I know Einnar Aeboul. That man takes a lot of persuading. Just what has Shakor promised him on our behalf?" Noted Brutor philosopher Wyvr Fehrl took a different position, saying, "Sanmatar Shakor is working to create truly tribal politics out of the wreckage of a failed experiment with Gallentean ideals of mass democracy. Whatever agreements have been reached have been arrived at in the interests of that vision."

Distracted by the issues raised by the new wormholes, tribal authorities have not formally commented on the agreement so far, though the major tribes of the 'old republic' are said by sources to be consulting with Sanmatar Shakor as to the implications of the new union.