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Search for Hol Hignotta yields no results

2005-04-16 - 작성자 Svarthol

In a statement earlier this morning, Concord announced that they have called off the official search for Hol Hignotta, the pilot responsible for the unprovoked and fatal attack on an Opus Luxury Yacht in the Yulai system.

The active search period of three weeks has passed and as they have found absolutely no leads hinting at his whereabouts, the search has been called off.

Even mercenaries have been unable to track down the elusive terrorist. The lack of clues pointing to his location is breeding an atmosphere of frustration. One enraged pilot called him "a cowardly disgrace, with no honour or dignity, giving a bad name to all pilots".

Criminologists speculate that the high profile nature of his case could have caused him to go into hiding, fearful that the large press coverage will make him easier to track down than he originally thought. With so many people on the lookout for Hignotta, it is quite possible that he will remain hidden for some time.