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Siege Green – Live Now!

2022-05-10 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Spirited Capsuleers,

Siege Green is live now on Tranquility! This incredible update brings sweeping changes to faction ship, battleship, and capital production with a major focus on dreadnoughts. Starting today, you can look forward to vastly reduced material costs when building these machines of war.

All the details are up to date on the EVE Forums so be sure to start your blueprints and get ready for battle!

Speaking of the destructive might of dreadnoughts, further changes have arrived for Upwell structures across New Eden. All structures have now had their shield damage cap removed, letting you bash through the shield more quickly than ever before and leading to bigger fights over more meaningful timers

Medium structures have seen an update, too, with the Astrahus, Athanor, and Raitaru now having their hull reinforcement timer removed. This means you only need to come back once to destroy these low-value structures in one big do-or-die battle.


There will also be 25% off select battleship and dreadnought SKINs from 10-17 May in the New Eden Store. So, if you have some PLEX on hand, why not give your shiny new dread a shiny new coat of paint?

The details of all these changes can be found in the latest Tranquility patch notes.

Now is the time to get a head start on the destruction with your own capital fleet. Just don’t forget your stront!