Skillpoint Compensation Delivered For Chat System Issues! | EVE Online

Skillpoint Compensation Delivered For Chat System Issues!

2019-03-14 - 작성자 CCP Falcon

We're happy to announce that skillpoint compensation for last year's chat system issues has now been delivered.

The highest skilled character on each account that held Omega status on March 20th 2018 has been issued with 500,000 skillpoints.

This is compensation for the extended downtime and instability that occured during the deployment of the new XMPP chat cluster on the day of the March 2018 release.

You can read more about the chat system, the conclusion of issues and the future in this devblog, released on February 11th.

UPDATE! - 15/03/2019

During today's downtime, our dtabase administration team have updated and re-run their script to deliver skillpoints to a number of characters that were eligible but did not recieve them during yesterday's downtime.

All pilots who have filed support tickets regarding missing skillpoints will recieve a response to confirm this soon and all pilots who were eligible have now recieved skillpoints correctly.

Apologies for any confusion that the missing compensation may have caused.