Small Corp Goes Capital | EVE Online

Small Corp Goes Capital

2008-01-24 - 작성자 Svarthol

In a universe dominated by large corporations and alliances, it is refreshing to see smaller corporations making an effort to develop and thrive. Rather than joining an established industrial alliance, capsuleer eonuk and an acquaintance formed their own corporation. Their goal was to achieve the precursors that would attract further members to the corporation. To demonstrate that the corporation is here to stay, and in defiance of general conceptions, they named their corporation endurance uk. Shortly afterwards another member joined the fold and, recently, the corporation has purchased a Fenrir, which is seen as the first step on the path to establishing themselves as a prosperous and attractive corporation.

On the steps the corporation will take on their planned expansion path, eonuk said, "we all have our own agenda, but keeping within the plans for the corp, one member is now training for a capital mining platform". Taking a hopeful but realistic standpoint, eonuk further stated, "these things take time but in the near future we hope to show that a small hard-working corp can achieve the same things that the big corps and alliances have". On their ultimate goal for the future, eonuk supplied "our main vision is to have a station in empire space, able to trade and hopefully give future corp members a safe haven.

"I want to build an all-mining alliance, to trade, to have and fill huge contracts for the whole community, to become a household name, but let's not get carried away with dreams, the reality is these things are all available to those who work hard and give 100% to the cause". It is enlightening to report on individuals carrying out the hard work to build up a corporation rather than living on the efforts of others. While large alliances can take their capital fleets for granted, the small corporations can still show what it means to achieve something through hard work without large member counts.

The corporation has plans to recruit further pilots in the future in an attempt to attain their goals.