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State of the Militia

2008-11-30 - 작성자 Svarthol

Iesa - Nearly six months ago the Amarr militia was formed for the purpose of protecting the empire's interests. Since the very beginning we have had a smaller, but more dedicated force, which has fought tirelessly to dispatch the ships of our enemies and to secure occupancy over vital systems. In order to mark this milestone we have spoken to our fellow crusaders about their views on the state of the militia.

Mad Scot, receiver of the Kourmonen Campaign Medal, was asked how he thought the militia has matured since it was first founded: "at the beginning it gave the impression there was no cohesion, but some good fleet commanders came forward". This positive outlook was a view shared by The Jackhammer: "look at the stats ... ESPECIALLY when you realize we're the smallest in member size".

Not everyone is happy though, Pham Vihn'Lisolet commented: "I think [the militia has] really gone downhill, in the beginning there were a lot of charismatic leaders who could get large fleets together to go out and whoop some Minmatar ass, but recently you'd be lucky to get 20 people in a fleet". Ultra Power would like to see a better command structure within the militia: "I think that [the] high command of the 24th Crusade could provide a sort of ranking of Fleet Commanders in the militia - so new arrivals will know who is the best to lead them in battle".

While some of our longer serving members cannot see eye to eye on the militia issues, the enthusiasm for the cause from the younger crusaders is still strong; just one example is Astaque Oin: "I just love to be in [the] Militia". With this in mind, the recent successes in removing the Minmatar occupancy from all of our home systems shows that we are still a force to be reckoned with. Long may it last!