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Planetary Conquest, corp quitting timers and more!

2013-05-14 - 작성자 CCP FoxFour

You haven't seen a dev blog over here from me in some time as I have been off plotting the retrival of my shoes from CCP Soundwave. During that time of plotting I have also been working with Team True Grit on the EVE/DUST link. I am here today to talk to you guys about some of the stuff we have done.

If you've been paying attention to our plans for DUST 514 you may be aware that we are about to launch a new feature in DUST called Planetary Conquest. The basics of it are that corporations with DUST mercenaries will be able to conquer districts on temperate planets in the low security space of the Molden Heath region. DUST corporations owning districts on these planets will provide bonuses to all capsuleers in EVE Online that are in their corporation or alliance. I am here today to talk to you about those bonuses and a few other small changes. :)

If you would like to know more about how Planetary Conquest will work see these resources:


Corporations that own districts can choose from one of three district types. Each one offeres different bonuses to EVE or DUST, two of them offering bonuses to both. 

Research lab district bonus:

  • A decrease in POS fuel usage
  • 5% per district owned to a maximum of 4 districts or 20%

Cargo hub district bonus:

  • A decrease in manufacturing time at Player Owned Starbases (POSes)
  • 10% per district owned to a maximum of 4 districts or 40%

Both of these bonuses apply to any POS owned by the corporation that owns the district, or any corporation in the alliance of the corporation that owns the district. They also only apply to POS anchored at moons around the planet which the controlled districts are on.

We did have plans for a third bonus based on planetary interaction. Specifically an increase in extractor output. We will not be doing that at this time. For now the production facility will not offer a bonus to EVE. That is not to say it will not ever, just not right now.

A final note on the bonuses. Planetary Conquest goes live on Tuesday May 14th, we will not however enable the bonuses until Thursday May 16th.

Factional Warfare

There are a few minor changes to Factional Warfare and it’s link with DUST that actually went live on May 6th.

The first change is that in order to do an orbital bombardment you now need to be within 10KM of the district beacon instead of 100KM.

The second change is that instead of DUST players choosing where the battles take place they are dynamically created based on where Factional Warfare complexes in EVE are completed. We base everything off of the completion of a complex. The side that completes a complex gets a sort of point towards taking districts in that system. We then spawn battles for each side based on where they have the most points.

So for example if the Minmatar own all the districts in a system and they complete a bunch of complex in that same system but the Amarr are not running any complex we won't spawn battles for the Amarr to attack there.


As a member of a corporation you can now quit a corporation instantly without waiting the 24 hours after dropping roles. This applies to both DUST and EVE players. When we released DUST leaving a corporation worked the same as in EVE, drop roles, wait 24 hours, leave corporation. When we started getting feedback from the community about how bad this was and we looked into it what we could do abou it, we realized that this was initially done way back in the day for technical reasons. Upon more research we realized those technical restrictions no longer applied. So we removed this requirement from DUST... and EVE. Because why not.

The other restrictions, such as being docked, do still however apply when attempting to quit a corporation.

Kicking someone still requires removing their roles and waiting 24 hours, and you must still be docked in a station to quit a corporation.

This corporation change also shipped on May 6th.


That is all for now, just a short update on the link between DUST and EVE. If you have any questions ask away in the comments thread. I and the others from True Grit will attempt to answer as best we can. :)

CCP FoxFour

Team True Grit

Update May 16: Planetary Conquest bonuses had to be slightly delayed and will be implemented on TQ on Wednesday May 22.

Update May 22: Two of the bonuses for the Cargo Hub and the Research Hub were reversed. The dev blog has been corrected with the proper information.

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