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War Continues In Etherium Reach

2009-06-03 - 작성자 Svarthol

3H58-R, Etherium Reach - Fighting between the Ethereal Crossing Coalition (Ethereal Dawn [ED] / Intrepid Crossing [IRC]) and the Red Alliance [RED] and allies continues unabated throughout the region. With Red Alliance currently holding half of Ethereal Dawn's four stations in the 6TT8-Z constellation, or "the loop" as local residents refer to it, the outcome of this war remains uncertain. Both sides are committed to a fight until the end; there will be no surrender, no compromise.

While there has been some relief to the embattled Coalition, Red Alliance forces remain firmly entrenched deep within Ethereal Dawn territory. Pressure was relieved on the Coalition when Majesta Empire [ME] and The Initiative. [INIT.] withdrew from the fight when SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] appeared on the scene. The withdrawal of United Legion [UNL] due to the war in Immensea with [ATLAS] and Aggression. [AGGRO] alliances, also gave the Coalition a small respite.

Czech Lion of Best Path Inc. [BPINC], a member of [ED]'s High Command, states that forces currently arrayed against Ethereal Dawn and Intrepid Crossing include "Red Alliance, Voodoo Technologies [VIP], LUCKY LEAGUE [LUCKY], Red Army Alliance [REDAR] and Sc0rched Earth [BYRN]." Additionally, while [SOLAR] did act against some of the alliances that were members of the Northern Coalition, it is unknown if they would enter into hostilities against the Red Alliance as they are currently friendly.

According to Red Alliance fleet commander Bapp of Warriors Tribe [W.T.], forces are poised for the last push into Ethereal Dawn's capital system of 3H58-R: "When ED's towers in that system come out of reinforced mode there will, possibly, be the final battle for sovereignty." Although Bapp would not discuss the timing of any assaults, he tells us that [RED] has amassed a large force including several titans in preparation for the taking of the system.

Czech Lion doesn't see the loss of 3H58-R as anything significant; "we will have one less grouping point and can focus on smaller territories, until we have the power to get it back" Further he stated "it's a typical war of attrition...but that's what we chose and people don't have to worry, we will stay in combat as long as necessary; it's a challenge we are willing to accept".

While both sides acknowledge that there has been a tentative offer of peace from the Red Alliance, according to Czech Lion it has been categorically rejected. Specifically he remarked "the RA peace offer consisted of wanting to get two titans from us, which we happily denied", adding further that, "as can be seen that we are still in the fight, it is a thing of honor and self-respect to not just fold and be slaves. We either can defend it or not."

With the rejection of their offer, Bapp signaled that there would be no stopping for his alliance in this war, short of completely removing the Ethereal Crossing Coalition from null sec, stating that, "we already offered them safe way to end this war, but they said that price is too high for them and they rejected it. So, it seems like they want to die; we will help them in that way."

On this point both sides agree; there will be no peace. What started out as isolated border skirmishes has escalated to the level of a blood feud. Even if one side or the other loses their sovereignty, they are committed to the further prosecution of this conflict, as evidenced by Czech Lion's closing remarks "Even if we lose the space, we are in this for long haul; we are going to attack their space, hit their infrastructure, and continue the war to kill them."

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