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Wildly Inappropriate Abandons West Geminate to Smaller Alliances

2009-12-08 - 작성자 Svarthol

Geminate - Wildly Inappropriate. [WI.] removed their sovereignty in a large part of West Geminate and several Smaller Alliances have entered the area and are now taking control of systems in the region.

Diplomat Meno Theaetetus revealed that due to the recent infrastructure changes, Wildly Inappropriate. "had already decided to remove [sovereignty] in a large part of West Geminate" and that "a number of small Alliances have taken the chance to claim a few Systems we had removed [sovereignty] from."

Constellation and system ownership has been volatile in the region with many alliances, including Ad Astra. [|A|], Ihatalo Cartel Navy [IHANA], IMPERIAL LEGION [IMP-L], In Tea We Trust [TLEAF], No Fun Allowed [U.MAD], TERMINATION [-74-], Veni Vidi Vici [V3] and Wicked Nation [WKD] establishing territorial claims in former WI. space.

Titus Veridius of TLEAF claims that in the AD-5B8 System of the Geminate Region "a group of approximately 12-14 players from TLEAF and a few other players with blue standings [...] destroyed what may have been the first TCU, [...] approximately 3-4 hours after [the infrastructure] upgrade was deployed. The TCU was not defended by the owner. A coalition of more than two dozen Alliances is invading the Geminate Region and is vying to remove Wildy Inappropriate. and their pet Alliances from the region."

Asked to comment on the presence of new hostile Alliances in the region, Widly Inappropriate. stated that "although they have claimed [sovereignty], we have seen no credible [conflict] from them, mainly just small 4-5 man skirmishes [...] the only real fight we had was coordinated by a somewhat secret coalition that claim to be working against WI. and the Northern Coalition, led by Veni Vidi Vici and TERMINATION Alliances."

According to Meno Theaetetus, these Alliances were offered a chance to claim parts of Geminate, but once in they failed to live up to expectations as they could only muster small fleets and ended up "organising for us to be hot dropped by Atlas Alliance [ATLAS], an attack we did not see coming."

As the dominant Region [sovereignty] holder, WI. considers that "currently [there are] no major threats on Geminate directly, regular skirmishes on the BWF border are normal, Geminate is a naturally hostile area, that's why we took it and it's what we like." Asked to comment on the desire to remove WI. from Geminate, Meno Theaetetus stated that "we only wish that these parties had shown this passion when we gave them the opportunity to be equal partners in Geminate, we never expected any rent, only participation, ultimately as we have seen what they are capable of first hand, I don't think we are too worried. We have made arrangements for groups of Alliances willing to work with us to move into West Geminate, it was always our intention to give some new Alliances a chance, as we were given a chance back when we first started in Branch."

"We look forward to the upcoming weeks, [the new infrastructure] offers a chance for what lots of [pod pilots] have wanted, smaller scale Alliance on Alliance warfare and it would be disappointing if we don't get that chance."

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