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110 EST Is Upon Us

2007-12-30 - By Svarthol

NEW EDEN – Historically New Eden has been rife with tumult and chaos. Whether the Reclaiming, the Minmatar Rebellion or the Caldari-Gallente War, our galaxy has rarely been peaceful or quiet. Likewise, the year 109 EST was no exception.

In the past 12 months we have seen alliances born and destroyed, the Coallition-Band of Brothers war grow to new heights, the destruction of Titan class star ships, and sovereignty shift daily as numerous alliances fight tooth and claw for their own space.

And in empire held space we have seen the Minmatar Republic and Ammatar Mandate cease hostilities and begin negotiating peace, civil unrest within the State, the Federation fighting back against a swathe of illegal booster dealing and the Amarr Empire still without an Emperor to guide them.

But away from galactic scale events, what does the New Year mean to individual pilots? Classically it is the time when we look back on the past 12 months and take what we have learned to help us through the coming year. It is a time of personal reflection, contemplation, change, and for many: exuberant parties.

Nebulous is a member of Freelance Incorporated who are part of Ushra’Khan. He has been a pod pilot for over four years, leading him to witness a lot of change first hand in New Eden, including the official acceptance of alliances by CONCORD, the innovation of more advanced technologies and the continual growth of the capsuleer population.
When looking at the past year he commented on his hopes for the year 110 EST; “My thoughts are mostly with the current events between the Republic and the Ammatar, plus the return of the Defiants is also very good news. I would hope over the next year that the Republic would become a lot more anti-Amarr”.
He proceeded to clarify what he meant by the last comment; “All out war, unless the Amarr Empire completely denounce slavery and all those that support it, would be fine with me. I fear it is the only way. Also the Republic should end talks with the Ammatar and try to bring the Thukker tribe back on side.”

Moving from freedom fighters to mercenaries, Necronomicon, a director of KIA Corp, was willing to share his thoughts on the passing of the year. He has been a pod pilot for almost 4 years and in his time has seen space warfare change radically, from the days of battleship fleets into the capital and super-capital operations. The high point of 109 for him was KIA Alliance agreeing to join MC, Ev0ke and 0utbreak in Period Basis to their mutual benefit, whilst his lowest point was when Trinity Nova Corp left KIA Alliance abruptly.
Not a pilot to hold a grudge, Necronomicon was clear in his hopes for the year to come; “I personally hope that once the Coalition v BoB dust settles, that the New Eden Community see that as a mercenary homeland, Period Basis is not worth poking and put the past where it belongs.”

In the past year the capsuleer population has seen more pilots than ever get their license and take off into the void. One of those young and hopeful pilots was Tavon Wulfe, of K.O.R., who first got in a pod only 5 months ago.
It’s been a learning experience for him and he’s met a lot of people, travelled to many places, and fought many great pilots. He’s had success and hardships but is happy that he has always persevered. He was more than happy to talk about his major successes and failures:
“My major high strangely enough was a couple months back. It was my first major war with a corporation of old Band of Brother veterans. We took some losses, but it showed me and my superiors my leadership abilities. It took the fires of combat to forge what I am today.
My low point would actually have been when I left for the lawless confines of the outer regions. I was broke, out of my home, and constantly looking over my shoulder for trouble. Though it kept me on my toes and I learned a lot... It wasn't where I belonged.”

Although a young pilot, Tavon has big plans and big hopes for 110. On top of building up a rig manufacturing service for his corporation and funding his acquisition of better ships, he is set on making a name for K.O.R. “Finally I plan on putting K.O.R. further on the map by pushing us into low security regions to tackle the ever growing pirate infestation. We aim to make Khanid space a safer place to be for travellers.”
His parting words proved that although he has a lot of work set for himself, he still has time to have fun and will be celebrating the New Year as best he can: “Of course. One thing about K.O.R. is it's a group of not just fellow friends and pilots, but brothers. They are my family. And I was planning on starting something special for them, a War Game perhaps. And of course the finest selection of spirits and cuisine this galaxy has to offer.”

So whoever you are and whatever path you walk in life, these pilots show that now is the time to look upon the past and learn from experience and to take this wisdom into the coming year.
Whatever has come and gone, I hope it serves you well in the time ahead, as we won’t know what 110 brings us until it finally happens. So, on behalf of ISD Interstellar Correspondents I would like to wish you all a happy new year, however you choose to celebrate it!