2018/02/13 - February Release Deployment Information | EVE Online

2018/02/13 - February Release Deployment Information

2018-02-09 - By CCP Falcon

We’re happy to announce that the February Release, which kicks off the Guardian's Gala, will be deployed on Tuesday, February 13th, during regularly scheduled daily downtime.

Daily down time will begin as normal at 11:00 UTC, and will run for 15 minutes.

We expect that the cluster will be online again and accepting connections at 11:15 UTC. Be sure to keep your eyes on the EVE Online Launcher and forums for further information on the progress of deployment.

The February Release brings significant quality of life changes for owners and attackers of Upwell Structures, as well as a balance pass for Assault Frigates, including the addition of the new Assault Damage Control.

The Guardian's Gala also returns with this release, with a host of new rewards via The Agency, and new line of Spirit SKINs for more hulls that add to the collection started last year. In addition to this, new fireworks and Eros Blossom SKINs will be available in the New Eden Store.

Check out EVE Updates for a high level overview of what's coming with this release.

Patch notes will be available on release day via EVE Updates and the Community Portal.