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6 Titans Destroyed in Venal Battle

2010-06-17 - By Svarthol

6NJ8-V, Venal - Further to yesterday's "Breaking News" it is now known that a total of 6 titans and 3 supercarriers were destroyed in the battle between Northern Coalition forces and White Noise. and their allies.

6NJ8-V is the main Rebellion Alliance staging system in Venal; White Noise. had attacked and reinforced the main staging tower there on the 15.06.112 and Rebellion marshalled to defend and repair it with support on the field from Stella Polaris and more on the way from Morsus Mihi, RAZOR Alliance and other of the larger bodies in the NC.

According to Sebastien Saintfrusquin of Circle-of-Two, a bombing run by SOLAR FLEET inflicted heavy casualties on the defenders' support fleet with one bomber pilot, lMrFunl, involved with 41 kills in his Hound.

Once the Northern Coalition reinforcement fleet arrived, the focus of the battle became the supercapitals. Current statistics show the NC fielding 10 titans, 6 supercarriers, 40 dreadnoughts and 7 carriers, while White Noise. and their allies had 12 titans, 20 supercarriers, 11 dreadnoughts and 12 carriers, both, of course, in addition to their support fleets.

With over 1,000 pilots in the system, the sheer mass of ships on the BV-1JG gate in 6NJ8-V was literally titanic. Many pilots on both sides reported drastic problems both with viewing the area through their overviews and with module activations, but for the Northern Coalition fleet, these problems were deadly. Capitals and support both describe ships being "totally crippled" and one Fidelas Constans pilot, Maryjane Indica, who had moved from Providence to join the NC with her alliance, said it was dismayingly similar to the battle in D-GTMI in which most of the Providence Holder capital fleet was destroyed while effectively powerless either to fight or leave. Many NC supercapital pilots reported either being unable to jump out of the system, despite apparently being unbubbled, or did jump out, only to die regardless. In these cases, their wingmen report the ships leaving "a strange, ghostly image" behind them when they left. 

For those who could act, the scene was one of hectic carnage. NC vessels were blowing away the heavy interdictors trying to bubble their supercapitals in system, but their advantage of numbers was nullified by the incapacitation of many of their ships. White Noise and their allies, meanwhile, had the advantage of more supercapitals, particularly supercarriers, and far more logistics, both capital and sub-capital to keep their forces intact. The battle ran for hours; the final titan to die was iMic ger's Avatar. IMic ger had apparently managed to emergency warp after taking heavy damage in the battle, but returned to try and escape from the system before the fighting was completely over and the SC forces had left the field. His ship was caught by heavy interdictors and destroyed.

The total capital and supercapital deathtoll for yesterday's battle in 6NJ8-V is currently thought to be 6 titans, 3 supercarriers, 20 dreadnoughts and 3 carriers down for the Northern Coalition and 5 carriers for White Noise. and their allies, with support losses on both sides.

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