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6th Annual Galactic Giveaway Scheduled

2010-12-21 - By Svarthol

Jita, The Forge - On 23.12.112, capsuleer Holiday Spirit will be holding his 6th Annual Galactic Giveaway, inviting pilots from across New Eden to gather and celebrate a traditional seasonal festival.

As in previous years, the event will take place in high security space to prevent violent incidents and Holiday Spirit has said that everyone is welcome to join the celebration and spread the festive mood.

Traditionally, every attendant will receive a present, which Spirit says come in "all shapes and sizes, but I try to keep them within your race." There are further drawings throughout the night for additional prizes.

Niquita Serov and Tuttomenui II are two of the pilots planning to attend. Both said that the celebration was a great idea. Serov especially fancied capsuleers being "in the giving mood, especially around this festive time of year." Tuttomenui had attended the previous two events and stated "I enjoy having conversations with these people. The conga lines are also quite fun as well."

The location of Holiday Spirit's Annual Galactic Giveaway will be announced on 23.12.112 in both the capsuleer Help channel and the announcement thread on GalNet when Mr. Spirit is ready to begin, whereupon capsuleers can migrate to the system to join the celebration and receive prizes. He further stated "The special 'grand' prize this year is a fully T2 fit Command ship, with ALL the trimmings."

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6th Annual Galactic Giveaway

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