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7th Fleet Scores Major Victory

2008-01-30 - By Svarthol

Kurniainen, The Bleak Lands - Forces of the Amarrian 7th Fleet clashed with forces of the rogue Minmatar organization known as The Defiants during the early morning hours today. The engagement was part of ongoing interdiction efforts by the 7th Fleet to strike at the Defiants' logistics chain. 7th Fleet Captain Jezander Allad explained, "After we lost our defense cortex, we were put on the defensive. But rather than continue to keep our forces in a protective posture, we sought to strike an aggressive blow to the enemy to try to disrupt their operations in The Bleak Lands."

To that end, numerous small 7th Fleet scouting patrols have been scouring the region, making extensive use of cloaking technology. Knowing that the stargates were well protected by regional forces and Customs fleets, the goal of the 7th Fleet's patrols was to determine how the Defiants were bringing in supplies and new combatants. "We knew that attrition was taking its toll on their forces, and that they had to be re-supplying themselves somehow. We suspected capital ships, and this morning's engagement confirmed that suspicion."

When scouts reported cynosural activity in Kurniainen, a quick-response force entered the system. Once on scene, the force was able to pin both an enemy Nidhoggur and a Nomad in place long enough for heavy combat units to arrive. The ensuing firefight saw rapid escalation, as both sides brought more and more forces to bear in attempts to sway the outcome. Ultimately, the 7th Fleet carried the day. Confirmed enemy losses stand at two capital ships, one battleship, eight cruisers, and four frigate class hulls.

Admiral Vanazir Saracen was animated when discussing the engagement at a hasty press conference from his headquarters in Sahtogas. "This quick and decisive battle illustrated very clearly that these terrorist filth are no match for the Amarr Navy in open space. We expect this victory to disrupt their operations in the region for quite some time. Let this be a lesson to all those who would try to withstand the will of God - while the instruments are not yet decided, your fates are already sealed."

Saracen was also quick to credit the activities of allied capsuleers acting as auxiliaries in the area. Acknowledging the logistical difficulties of coordinating individual pod-pilots with Naval operations, he praised the efforts of those who sought to defend Naval facilities, allowing 7th Fleet forces to go on the offensive. "The Empire is blessed with some of the most skilled and dedicated pilots in the cluster. With their help, we have struck a decisive blow to these terrorists."