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A New Live Event for July

2013-07-01 - By CCP Eterne

Attention capsuleers! Have you ever pointed your camera drones at some distant nebula or beautiful sight and thought “I should have studied photography at the Science and Trade Institute instead of becoming a pod pilot”? Well, if so, Team Illuminati has a new event coming up for you to scratch that artistic itch of yours, while also giving you the opportunity to get some cool stuff. And for those of you who don't like snapping pictures, hopefully it'll give you a chance to blow up the potential photographers.

During the summer months, we here at the Illuminati Team are taking an opportunity to try something different with live events for a while. For the past year, we've been running events with actors in system which players get to come and interact with; either to help them, negotiate with them, or just blow them up. Now we'd like to try look at other possibilities.

For our first experiment, we're holding this photography contest on behalf of the Sisters of EVE, who are well known for exploring the universe of New Eden. We're hoping to allow a wider range of players to participate, over a variety of time zones and locations, with different playstyles than we've been able to support so far. We hope you like it!

In an effort to revitalize study and exploration throughout New Eden, the Sanctuary, the scientific wing of the Sisters of EVE, have asked all capsuleers to help them catalog the historic and interesting sights throughout the cluster. Over the coming weeks, the Sanctuary will release three lists of 10 locations each and ask capsuleers to travel to these locations and take verified, new pictures of them. In return for the effort, the Sanctuary is offering rewards to anyone who completes at least one list, as well as a grand prize to one lucky pilot. Even the other branches of the Sisters have thrown in some prizes, saying “It'll be nice to have the capsuleers focused on something other than explosions for a while.”


1. All screenshots must be taken on Tranquility.

2. You must use the same character to take all screenshots.

3. Each screenshot must have the system clock visible.

4. Pilots must be a member of the “Sanctuary Image Contest” channel and have it open and visible for the screenshot.

5. Your ship must be visible and uncloaked in the screenshot.

6. The screenshot must contain the system info for where it was taken.

7. All winners will be audited to ensure they complied with the above rules.

8. There will be 30 total images to take released in 3 groups of 10. The groups are ordered by difficulty, with the easiest one released first. A new group will released each week.

9. Each group of screenshots will have a forum thread to submit them to; we ask you to post them to an Imgur gallery and then link the gallery in the forum thread.

10. Upon successful completion of each group you will receive an award along with a number of automatic entries into the grand prize drawing. Completion of the first group will grant you 5 entries, completion of the second group will grant you 25 entries, and completion of the third group will grant you 50 entries. The groups are independent; completing two or more groups will net you the sum total of entries awarded for each group.

11. One grand prize winner will be selected via random draw once the contest ends.

12. The contest begins at 00:00 on July 1st and ends at 23:59 on July 31st.


But what is it that the Sanctuary will provide you should you collect these images for their catalog? That is really what everyone wants to know, right? Luckily, they've dipped into their stock of goodies and are handing out some fantastic prizes.

Tier 1 – Complete the 1st tier of images and receive a Zephyr exploration shuttle.

Tier 2 – Complete the 2nd tier of images and a Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher and a set of 8 Sisters Core Scanner Probes.

Tier 3 – Complete the 3rd tier of images and receive a Low-Grade 'Virtue' Alpha implant.

Grand Prize – The winner of our grand prize draw (held live during the Alliance Tournament Finals weekend) will have their name forever engraved on a unique landmark in New Eden, as well as 10 PLEX.

Imgur Guide

For anyone who isn't sure how to use Imgur, here's a link to a good guide our most tech unsavvy Illuminati members have followed without exploding our computers.

1. Upload your photos to www.imgur.com using the upload function at the top right of the page, selecting all files that you wish to include in the album (though if you have an imgur account you can add to the album at a later date).

2. In the following pop up window, under “create album”, make sure to name it, and select “Vertical” as the album display type.

3. Copy the URL from the photo album (should be similar to //imgur.com/a/abcde) and place it in your forum post.

Video Guide

How to create an imgur account: //www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ozSMbRTtdHU

How to create an imgur gallery once logged in: //www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ozSMbRTtdHU

Group 1:

Caldari Prime

Seyllin I

City of God

Choonka's Diner

Jita Monument

Ishukone Headquarters in Malkalen

Mekhios Graveyard

Luminaire Graveyard

CONCORD Headquarters in Yulai

Your ship in mid-warp