A new season of o7: The EVE Online show! | EVE Online

A new season of o7: The EVE Online show!

2016-01-11 - By CCP Guard

Dear space friends,

2016 has arrived with SO much in store for EVE and the o7 crew plans to cover as much of it as possible! We'll be kicking off the new season on January 28 and we want your input so we can make the best show possible for you. We want to know what you think about the show, and even if you haven't watched a single one yet, we would still be interested to know what you would want to see in an EVE related show.

We've made a survey that we ask you to look at, it's not too long and you´re allowed to take a break if your FC needs you (always listen to your FC!). You'll find the survey HERE, thank you so much.

We' also want to remind you that player submitted content, ideas, tips and shoutouts are always welcomed at share@eveonline.com (stuff that we like may end up on social media as well).

'Homemade citadel' contest

In this first show of the year we'll be talking about the upcoming citadels so we'd like to challenge you to a contest! We'd like you to create your very own citadel from whatever you find in your house (google "pillow fort" for inspiration) and send us a picture of it. We'll show the best submissions on the show and there are nice Plex and skin prizes on the line for the top three submissions! We do apologize to everyone's spouses in advance of course.

Contest submissions go to evetv@ccpgames.com with the subject 'My homemade Citadel'

We look forward to seeing you all in Twitch chat on January 28 at 20:00 EVE time!