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Abolition party of Amarr rally goes ahead as scheduled despite setbacks

2005-01-15 - By Svarthol

During recent weeks, galactic recognition of the Abolition party of Amarr has gone from strength to strength. This Thursday saw their third rally in as many weeks, where they were trying to gather support for their cause, and send their messages to the hearts of the governments of whose systems they choose to rally in. And with each rally, more pilots of all races voice their support, most importantly perhaps the many Matari freedom fighter corporations who, although initially sceptical and mistrustful of her intentions are starting to welcome her as an equal.

This fame and recognition however, has come at a price. Mere hours before the rally was to take place, in which Shira d’Radonis, the founder of the Abolition party of Amarr was to take a prominent role, the anti-slavery supporters received terrible news. Shira was lured into a trap by another abolition party supporter and was assassinated.

Myadra, the assassin, had been posing as an anti-slavery sympathiser for days so that she could get close to Shira and then used that relationship to bring her to a concord-unprotected system where she could carry out the deed. Myadra freely admits to killing Shira, claiming that she was doing Gods work in executing a traitor to the Amarr Empire. “I have no remorse for doing what god wanted me to do”, she said when questioned about the incident.

Reprisals against Myadra were swift and the level of anger shocked even her. Within hours of the assassination, sympathisers had placed a staggering 40 million ISK bounty on her head and many pilots have vowed to hunt her down for betraying them all. There has even been talk of war being declared against Myadras corporation, rumours which have forced Myadra to go into hiding and her corporation to set a deadline of her resignation, no later than the 21st.

“I admit, I am worried”, she said. “I had plans to re-gain concords favour, by going into deep space and ridding it of some angel pirates”. But now the damage is done and the bounty on her head won’t be lifted until she is hunted down, and even then that will be no guarantee of a fresh start for her.

Despite the assassination, the planned rally went ahead. This time in front of the Chief Executive Panel Bureau in New Caldari. Because of Shiras weakened state, Father Perigo Kinzam, another Abolition party member, took over as the leader of the rally, and started it with a prayer from the Pax and paid tribute to Shira.

Unfortunately, although the rally did manage to gather many people, both pro, and anti slavery, the force of their convictions managed to pull the gathering apart, with heated arguments flying across the local communications network. This was compounded by the fact that Myadra showed up to taunt the protesters, just before she went into hiding. As none of them could fire upon her in the high security space, they had to endure her presence. The rally organisers admitted that they had learned from the experience and that they would have to organise future rallies more tightly so that they could maintain a proper orderly gathering.

So where next? Shira hinted at the next rally being in one of the two friendly empires, the Matari, or the Gallente. Even though those empires have banned and detest slavery, she is determined to get their message out to as many people as possible. She pointed out that there is a long road ahead before everyone could be united, but it is achievable, during that time she, and her followers would work diligently to try and bring as many people onto the road of peace as she can.