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Accuracy and Turret Balance

2004-06-25 - By CCP TomB

Last patch was the hardest patch in the balancing because of the dramatic accuracy changes that did not get enough testing before it was rushed out to Tranquility. We sincerely apoligize for the current state of turret accuracy, since the patch we had been working on hot-fixes for various problems and working day + night on solving the accuracy problem.

We have updated the Testing Server (Entropy) with changes to the accuracy as well as other turret balance changes. The update is how ever not close to final and we only updated the server for faster testing and make it easier to tune from there on.

We welcome any comments from public testing on the Testing Server and we want these that are testing it to realise that this is not the final state of the changes.

Read details on the changes and if you want you can give feedback on your testing here:

Forum post with graphs and statics, long but looks pretty.