adopt-a-n00b | EVE Online


2004-03-11 - By CCP Hellmar

We have been toying with a little idea to increase the incentive for older players to help new players.

The idea goes as this:
When a new account turns 10 days old we check the main character of that account. If it is in a player corp, the corporation would get 500.000 isk if the character has been with them for 2 days and a 100.000 extra each day after that, capped at 1.000.000

This would make it a viable business to be a player run school corp in the game. Gain a reputation for being honest and helping new players learn the game and earn a living in EVE at the same time.

If this would be enough of an incentive we would have the tutorial agents recommend player-school-corporations.

This would also help corporations in-general to create new player programs.

We would make a new petition type for new players to submit in case of some serious exploitation of them.

Note that after 10 days, all free trial days are over so this isn't that abuseable as there are real $ behind the isk.