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Advertise on CCP TV

2021-07-28 - By EVE Online Team

Commercial capsuleers,

We'd like to invite you to submit advertisements for use during CCP TV livestreams on Twitch, Facebook and Steam. Your advertisement can be about your corporation, alliance, community, in-game service, public event, CSM campaign, blog, third party tool, Youtube or Twitch channel, player gathering - pretty much anything you like as long as it conforms to the guidelines set out at the bottom of this news item.

CCP TV features several regular gameplay and slow TV streams as well as special broadcasts such as our Foundation Day quizzes, in-game live event coverage and conversations with development teams, so head there now and smash that follow button™ to get notified whenever we go live! And watching CCP TV streams is the only way to pick up some of the awesome GalNet StreamCast Unit SKINs which are given away as raffles on certain streams:

There are plenty of eyeballs on CCP TV so it's a great way to promote your EVE related endeavor. (And while you're here check out the schedule of upcoming streams!)

Be aware that unlike previous calls for submissions where player advertisements were used to fill frequent and lengthy breaks in the broadcast (eg. between alliance tournament matches), for this purpose approved advertisements will be added to a pool which streamers on CCP TV may choose to pull from and incorporate into their streams. They might be used during the countdown prior to the stream starting, or during a break or not at all depending on what the needs of the person streaming are. To that end we make no assurances about the frequency your ad might be displayed, however the intent is to build up a stockpile of ads to use over the long term so all ads will get some airtime and the effort you put into making them will not go to waste.

Note that there will be a separate call for Alliance Tournament specific ads at a later date - this request is not for AT purposes.

Content Rules

  • All video material must be EVE related.
  • The item/service being advertised must be EVE related.
  • Any service being advertised must be free to players or accessed using in-game currency.
  • Videos cannot include copyrighted audio or visuals.
  • The video must be suitable for all ages.
  • The video must contain sound.
  • Content must be respectable (no attack ads) and suitable for broadcast to a dystopian space family audience.
  • Adverts with non-English voiceover must be accompanied by hardcoded English subtitles.
  • The quality of the advert must reflect positively on EVE itself.
  • There is no deadline for submissions, we will be accepting submissions on an ongoing basis as we grow our library of player-created videos.

Technical Rules

  • Videos should have a resolution of 1920x1080 with a 1:1-pixel aspect ratio; adverts will not be accepted in any other resolutions. Videos should not contain vertical black bars.
  • Videos should be between 15 to 30 seconds in duration.
  • If you are using royalty free / Creative Commons audio, then credit the author somewhere in the end plate of your video. An end plate is where you typically put your logo, URL and such.
  • Video should be MP4 or MKV file format using the H.264 codec.
  • Label your video file appropriately. Example: AllianceName_AdTitle.mp4
  • You must include the source of your audio with your submission, even if you are not required to credit the author.
  • We don't want to take any chances of getting into trouble for using copyrighted material, so we suggest you consider using royalty free. There is a vast amount of royalty free audio online so it should be easy finding a suitable track to back up those pretty visuals.

Upload your video to a shared Google Drive, Dropbox or similar service and submit it using this form.

Please be aware that CCP reserves the right to reject videos that don’t follow guidelines or at its discretion. We try not to, but if your video is super weird, obscene or otherwise inappropriate for teen audiences, then we'll have to decline to air it. Should you later decide that your ad is no longer relevant or you no longer wish it to be played the submitter may also request to have it removed from the pool.