Aftermath of Nation attacks ''eerie'' and ''disturbing'' | EVE Online

Aftermath of Nation attacks ''eerie'' and ''disturbing''

2010-07-16 - By Svarthol

Ation - Nearly 750.000 Federation citizens were abducted from the Ation system by Sansha's Nation in a recent raid. Much like in previous raids the Nation left the attacked sites nearly devoid of human life, carrying off everyone from the newly born to the elderly.

Estigone, a settlement of nearly 200.000, was one of the main sites of the Sansha attack. Before the attack it was a bustling industrial community in growth, centered around several factories belonging to Aliastra. Now it lies deserted, with nearly every one of its citizens taken during the Nation raid.

Across the settlement, evidence of its previous inhabitants is easy to come by. Half-eaten dinners sit rotting on tables. Holoplayers loop their reels unceasingly. Computer screens display incomplete messages. Unfiled reports sit on office desks. Family pets claw at cages and gnaw at restraints.

Perhaps most baffling is the lack of evidence for any resistance. Though Estigone had an organized and armed police force, there is little indication that they mustered any opposition to the Nation's raiders. Weapons remain unfired in their lockers, the safeties still on. While there are some small signs of conflict, such as blaster holes and scattered debris from small explosions, much of the city is undamaged.

"It's almost as if everyone just got up and peacefully walked into the Sansha dropships," said Therion Niemann, a representative of the Sisters of EVE who was dispatched to search for survivors. "I've seen some disturbing battle sites before, but nothing has been quite so eerie as this."