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Against ALL Authorities and Allies Retaking Former Territory In Catch

2011-01-19 - By Svarthol

HY-RWO, Catch - In the early hours of 15.01.113, The Initiative. [INIT.] alliance lost sovereignty of HY-RWO and GJ0-OJ solar systems to Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.], former sovereignty holders in the region.

The so-called Stain Coalition, which comprises, among others, Against ALL Authorities, C0VEN, En Garde and ROMANIAN-LEGION is now engaged in sustained fighting in Catch against The Initiative. and their subsidiary alliances, Initiative Associates and Initiative Mercenaries.

In the last week, Against ALL Authorities have taken some 8 systems in Catch, while territory held by The Intitiative. and its allies is shrinking rapidly.

Reports flowing from the area indicate that about 900 vessels took part in the fray on the 15th, including an estimated 19 Titans and 20 super-carriers.

Barbaro55a, an INIT. pilot, described the moment Stain Coalition entered HY-RWO. “[We were] ridding the system of pirate rats when the Stain Coalition tore into the system through several beacons at the station... It seems they had come to brutalise our stations.”

The Initiative’s fleet attempted to destroy a Sovereignty Blockade Unit at one of the system's stargates, which could have prevented Stain Coalition attacking the station. The early stages of the engagement at the SBU were plagued by communications difficulties for both sides of the conflict. Though these were resolved in time and the fight continued, sources in INIT. said that they were rapidly losing logistic ships to the Stain Coalition titans and ultimately decided to withdraw and abandon the stations.

According to pilots from Stain Coalition, fights in Catch are likely to escalate in the future as the coalition intends to reclaim the region.

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