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Agent NPC kill mission woes

2003-08-17 - By Svarthol

A little over a week ago a series of explosions caused the deaths of numerous agents throughout the galaxy. These explosions were traced to remnants of or loot from pirate ships which had been brought to them by their faithfull clients. It is believed that pirates and other criminals throughout the galaxy have found a way to hide explosive devices in objects which can pass undetected through even the most rigorous inspections. Because of these tragic events the inter-galactic Agent-rights summit was secretly held on an unnamed station within the neutral zone, and it was there established that until the technology is widely available to easily find these hidden explosive devices with routine inspections then no Agent should take the risk of accepting debris or items from destroyed pirate vessels. However a temporary solution was found a couple days ago, when a team of Gallente scientists discovered a way to detect and dismantle these hidden explosive devices. This new system is now widely used on every item a ship is carrying once it goes through the docking procedure at a space station. The only problem is that this new system sometimes taints the pirate loot or debris so that confirming its origins is impossible. For this reason most Agents often do not accept the loot brought back to them by their clients. The inter-galactic Agent summit will commence tomorrow morning in an attempt to find a solution to this growing problem.