Aid work blocked as planetary medical facilities struggle to cope | EVE Online

Aid work blocked as planetary medical facilities struggle to cope

2005-06-10 - By Svarthol

The Sisters of EVE this morning made a public plea to the Amarrian council to be allowed into Mabnen and the other systems which were seeded by the Blood Raiders to provide critically needed aid to the casualties of the uprisings in those systems.

Speaking on behalf of the entire organisation, Santimona Sarpati, the CEO of the sisters of EVE spoke of the terrific numbers of casualties in these systems which they were being denied access to. They went on to say that if they were not allowed to assist the planetary medical facilities then far more people will die than would otherwise. “Planetary infrastructures simply aren’t designed to cope with the casualties which come from conflicts on this scale. People will die needlessly if we aren’t allowed to help.”

Rejecting aid from the Sisters of EVE is an unprecedented move by the Amarrian council. They have before provided aid to all of the major empires at some point during their history and many believe that this will set a dangerous future precedent which could result in millions, if not billions of wasted lives.

Following this announcement the Gallente Senate announced their support for the Sisters of EVEs plea, urging the council to lift their blockades and allow them into the conflict zones. There has been no word from the council since their emergency session started just after the conflicts began and it looks like the session may not end soon. The council it seems, has more on its mind than providing aid to those affected.