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Albert Vance Resurfaces

2006-01-13 - By Svarthol

Last night, after over a month in hiding, renegade scientists Albert Vance and Vic Stats resurfaced in Caldari space to gather supplies and equipment necessary to the reconstruction and further development of their failed mind control device.

The fugitive pair appeared in the Isaziwa system of the Imurukka constellation, The Citadel region, where they were spotted in open communications channels by local pod pilots. Vance began broadcasting over the systems local channel, claiming that he knew why the previous device failed during its initial testing sequence – a failure that was clearly responsible for the much diminished state of Stats. Vic Stats now appeared to be little more than a drooling idiot, barely capable of acting in the capacity of a simple servant. Vance then made a general request to all local pilots to supply his work with roughly 5000 units of electronic parts, a common interstellar trade item, in order to repair and modify the mind control device for further testing. Despite a number of refusals, mainly due to pilots aversions to both the man and his work, a few enterprising individuals began to ship in electronic parts at a steady rate.

This, however, was nearly undone when members of the CAIN Corporation, noted for their opposition to Vance and the mind control program and stationed in the Isaziwa system, attempted to stop the freelancing pilots from supplying the scientists. Fortunately for Vance, they were not able to do so. After a relatively short amount of time the pair were able to move on to an unknown destination, along with their freshly acquired supplies, unmolested by authorities.

Questions now linger over how Vance and Stats were so easily able to enter Caldari space, and exit it again with an amount of supplies that InterBus is not equipped to carry. Pete Sance – the Caldari Agent and his team, who had been pursuing the scientists across several regions of space with warrants for their arrest, has not been seen or heard from in some time. Caldari State authorities have refused to provide any comments on either question.