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Alleged CONCORD Mirror Captures Portion of Nation Network

2010-11-28 - By Svarthol

Yulai, Genesis - A new database allegedly collated by the Directive Enforcement Division [DED] of CONCORD purports to contain quarantined portions of Sansha's Nation's network traffic and capsuleer documentation of Nation incursions.

The site, available at Fluid Router 00068-eo-NATION, is a valuable collection of data gathered by pilots in the course of fighting the Sansha invasions and could prove a useful resource for those new to the battle.

Capsuleers can send video footage and camera drone images to the DED through their GalNet contact point or to the Interstellar Correspondents through the usual routes.

Other Images

Sansha Dropships - Yulai III, 26.06.112
Sansha's Nation Vessels Begin Deployment - Yulai III, 26.06.112
CONCORD Officer Attacked by Nation Loyalists - Yulai, 26.06.112
Althea Ekran of Moira. Draws Nation Fire - Yulai III, 26.06.112

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