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Alliance Tournament V : Day Six : Round of 16

2008-03-09 - By Svarthol

Welcome to Day Six of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Here are the initial results and reviews of the first eight matches of the day.

The Round of 16

Match 81: Molotov Coalition Vs Notoriety Alliance

Notoriety came into this tournament using aggressive and innovative setups against all of their enemies, even in the matches when it didn’t count whereas Molotov had mastered the fundamentals of the tournament, using Battleships and Logistics as they achieved consistent wins.

Molotov Coalition: 2 Armageddon | 2 Guardian | Punisher
Notoriety Alliance: Phantasm | Scimitar | 2 Curse | 3 Sentinels | Cruor

Molotov came out strong at the start of the match, almost alpha-striking a Sentinel and taking it to low armor before the Scimitar’s logistics arrived. From there Notoriety dropped into a safe orbit around their enemies and got to work on some high-speed capacitor warfare.

It wasn’t long until they’d worn down the first Guardian, the next one falling shortly afterwards. From there they cleared the field of their enemies. An impressive showing from Notoriety, once again destroying all of their opponents (save the one who self-destructed) for no loss.

Match 82: Cry Havoc. Vs Phalanx Alliance

Cry Havoc. clashed against Phalanx in this match and brought their drone-heavy tactics out for a win.

Cry Havoc.: 3 Dominix | Guardian
Phalanx Alliance: Abaddon | 2 Scorpion | Rook | Vigil

It was a textbook victory for Cry Havoc., who from the beginning looked in control. Launching their sentry drones immediately, they instantly began to trouble a Scorpion, taking it into armor within minutes as they approached and took it down. Mistress Suffering of Cry Havoc. had little trouble tanking the incoming fire. The Rook and second Scorpion were next to fall, before they dropped the Abaddon. Cry Havoc. once again show how to use the Dominix effectively as they knock Phalanx out of the tournament.

Match 83: The Fourth District Vs Ev0ke

The Fourth District had done well in the tournament, bringing a mix of different ships and strategies to each match. Ev0ke had likewise shown an ability to change things up, and were also known to be able to turn dual-logistics battles in their advantage.

The Fourth District: Raven | 4 Drakes
Ev0ke: 3 Megathron | 2 Maulus | 5 Griffins

4TH came out looking solid with their previously-used Battleship and Battlecruiser team but Ev0ke had the greater strategy. Using their mass of frigates to draw fire, they lost only two Griffins as they removed a Raven from the field with heavy damage. The Drakes dropped quickly under the unimpeded Megathron fire, still troubled by ECM and taking severe damage. Ev0ke came out with a decisive win against their opponents as they cleared the field.

Match 84: HUN Reloaded Vs eXceed.

The reigning champions HUN Reloaded had maintained just enough of a performance to qualify for the final 16. eXceed. had likewise been strong but had taken a loss as well on their path to the finals. HUN came through with a strong and innovative performance once again, delivering a performance that suggests they might just grab the cup once again this year.

HUN Reloaded: 10 Ruptures
eXceed.: 2 Curse | 2 Guardians | 2 Mallers

HUN looked imposing with 10 Ruptures facing off against a standard dual-logistics team from eXceed. They sent off a swarm of ECM drones towards the Guardians at the beginning, storming into autocannon range. They brought a fearsome amount of damage to one of the Guardians and it dipped into low hull before assistance returned.

eXceed. weren’t out of the match however, striking they dropped a rupture and smartbombed all of the ECM drones. As HUN next went for a Curse, they lost another Rupture, failing to break the tank this time. Regrouping once again, they attacked the Guardian, dropping it quickly before logistics could arrive. From there they were free to carve their way through the remains of eXceed.

Match 85: Triumvirate. Vs Divine 0rder

Triumvirate. had delivered strong and dominating performances on their path to the finals. Divine 0rder had proven they weren’t afraid of bringing the pain, having scored enough points each match to get the finals with only 2 wins.

Triumvirate.: Curse | 2 Guardians | Ishtar | Rook | Griffin
Divine 0rder: 3 Abaddon | Blackbird | 4 Griffins

Triumvirate. simply outclassed their opponents as they dismantled their opponents with surgical precision. winning the battle for electronic superiority early on. The Divine 0rder Griffins dropped quickly under immediate bouncer fire as Triumvirate. closed in under the Abaddon's fire. The Divine 0rder battleships floated helplessly, their damage neutralized by a potent combination of tracking disruption, ECM and capacitor warfare. Using a tight logistics loop and disciplined target calling, Triumvirate. slowly worked their way up through the Divine 0rder gang, working their way through the three Abaddons as they shut them down for yet another decisive win.

Match 86: United Legion Vs KIA Alliance

Both teams had shown the capability to score consistent wins, with United Legion coming out of the group looking like a late-finals favorite. KIA had triumphed against adversity on their path, having fought hard for their placement in the finals.

United Legion: Abaddon | 2 Guardians | Rook | Vexor Navy Issue
KIA Alliance: Bhaalgorn | Megathron | 2 Guardians

KIA dropped damage drones early, trying to remove the Rook from the field as quickly as possible. The Rook was webbed and the Bhaalgorn's attack took it's toll. The Megathron closed in on top of it and finished it off. KIA were in it for the long game, said Eddz as he commentated. Relying on a late-game test of stamina with their Bhaalgorn neutralizing capacitor, they managed to slowly take control of the rest of the team. Dropping the Guardians with ease, they then moved on to clear the damage dealers from the field for a decisive win.

Match 87: The Kadeshi Vs Green Alliance

Green Alliance had shown themselves to be a ruthlessly competitive team, managing to impress even during their rare loss. The Kadeshi had earned a reputation as unpredictable and crafty adversaries, taking down their enemies with innovative setups and fast on-field thinking.

The Kadeshi: 5 Vexor Navy Issue | Guardian | Kitsune | 2 Griffins
Green Alliance: 3 Armageddons | Myrmidon | Caldari Navy Hookbill

The Kadeshi came away with an upset win over early favorites Green Alliance. Early on in the match Green Alliance looked in charge, dropping two Vexors before taking significant damage. The Kadeshi responded using drones once again to dispatch an Armageddon. Only two remained with the Myrmidon and Hookbill, as the logistically supported Vexors swung the match and destroyed the enemy’s team.

Match 88: Pandemic Legion Vs Cosa Nostra.

Pandemic Legion had disappointed as they struggled to gain points during their matches. Up against the Cosa Nostra. team who have fought with tenacity and intelligence, it was anyone’s game.

Pandemic Legion: 2 Guardians | 2 Curse | 2 Thorax
Cosa Nostra.: Nightmares | Curse | Basilisk | Scimitar | Dramiel | Griffin

PL closed in, threw down their ECM drones on a Guardian and got to work on neutralizing the capacitors of the enemies. Cosa was unable to bounce back, losing a Griffin early on in the match as PL webbed and dispatched it easily with their Thorax alpha-strike. The Cosa Dramiel suffered the same fate followed by logistics. PL pulled out a decisive win clearing Cosa from the field.

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