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Alliance Tournament V : Day Three : Matches 41-48

2008-03-02 - By Svarthol

Welcome to Day Three of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Continuing our rundown of the matches from day three, we now bring you a review of the last eight matches of the day.

Match 41: Triumvirate. Vs Exa Nation

Triumvirate. came out strong with yet another win, brutally slicing through their opponents and claiming another totalhelldeath win.

Triumvirate.: 2 Abaddon | 2 Guardians | Vigil | Griffin
Exa Nation: Myrmidon | 2 Ishtars | 2 Rooks | Vexor

Both Rooks fell rapidly from the beginning of the fight, unable to jam the savage laser fire of the Abaddons. From there it was a foregone conclusion, with Triumvirate. making yet another impressively vicious showing and cleaning up the field.

Match 42: The Church. Vs United Corporations Against Macros

The Church. repeated their Day Two formation and success, combining expert use of ECM with the fearsome damage of charging Deimos.

The Church.: 4 Deimos | Rook | 4 Griffins
United Corporations Against Macros: Basilisk | Rook | 4 Caracals | Purifier

The Church. came away from the match with an easy win, losing only a single Griffin early on in the fight. For a moment at the start it looked a little uncertain for them as they closed range slowly and didn’t take their first target – the Basilisk – very quickly. Spreading their fire out slightly however, they added confusion and pressure on the Basilisk and removed it from the fight. From there it was all over for UCAM, who lost their Rook next and folded under the ECM and damage that still remained almost in its entirety.

Match 43: DeStInY. Vs Atlas Alliance

A fight between two teams at the bottom of the group this time. DeStInY. came away with the win, tearing apart the Atlas team and gaining a totalhelldeath victory.

DeStInY.: 2 Basilisks | Curse | Hound | 3 Manticores
Atlas Alliance: 3 Ishtars | 2 Curse | Arbitrator

After only three volleys from the Stealth Bombers, Atlas saw their first loss in the shape of their Arbitrator, which was soon followed next by the two Curses. Despite some slight damage on their Hound, DeStInY. were hardly threatened by Atlas as they removed the rest of their ships from the field within only a few more minutes. A textbook win for DeStInY.

Match 44: Ev0ke Vs The Five

Yet another dual-logistics match up, and yet another long and arduous fight as both teams probed each other with ECM drones trying to break down the opposition logistics chain. Ev0ke came away with a totalhelldeath win as they kept their cool and waited for the opportune moment to break The Five.

Ev0ke: 2 Megathrons | 2 Guardians | 2 Vigils
The Five: Harbinger | 2 Guardians | Curse | 2 Thorax

For the large majority of the fight there wasn’t a great deal happening, with both sides applying equal pressure and maintaining their discipline and game plan. It was a tight tussle from both teams in a tightly-contested group. It swung against Ev0ke for a while, their Guardian dipping into very low armor as the other was jammed and unable to assist. Pulling back from that however, they remained calm and patient, cleverly withdrawing their drones to freely smartbomb their enemy’s before re-launching. It was probably what won them the match, as they eventually returned the favor to The Five, jamming their Guardians and breaking their chain. From there it was all over for The Five.

Match 45: GoonSwarm Vs RONA Alliance

GoonSwarm finally clinched a victory this time around, fielding a setup reminiscent of last year’s tournament and coming away with a totalhelldeath win.

GoonSwarm: 2 Basilisks | 2 Hounds | 5 Manticores
RONA Alliance: 2 Dominix | Megathron | Guardian

As the two teams lined up in front of each other, it was clear that the Guardian was about to see some serious alpha-strike from their opponents. Surviving only three volleys, it fell rapidly. Next to fall was the Megathron. To their credit, RONA persisted tenaciously, putting immense pressure on Chainsaw’s Manticore and taking it almost to hull as their Dominix hung on for many minutes, deep in hull itself. The Goons outlasted the pressure however and cleared them from the field.

Match 46: HUN Reloaded Vs United Legion

HUN Reloaded paid the price for predictability this time, going down to a perfectly formed and deployed team by United Legion.

HUN Reloaded: 2 Basilisks | 7 Manticores
United Legion: 2 Abaddons | 2 Oneiros | Vengeance

It was a battle of the alpha-strikes this time, but HUN finally met their match in the face of some absolutely savage Abaddon lasers. Presumably fitted to counter exactly what HUN fielded, United Legion timed their laser strikes perfectly and Manticores simply started to vanish under the EM damage of the alpha-heavy onslaught. It didn't help HUN that the Oneiros were there boosting tracking as well, pointing to an exceptionally well thought out team from United Legion. An upset of a win and an opportunistic totalhelldeath victory for them.

Match 47: Morsus Mihi Vs KIA Alliance

It was an important match up for the group here, and one of the best of the day as both teams fought their hearts out for a much-needed points win in a very tightly-contested match. KIA stuck it out under pressure and came away with a victory.

Morsus Mihi: Eos | 4 Deimos | 2 Griffins
KIA Alliance: 2 Megathrons | 2 Guardians | 2 Griffins

The fight began with KIA almost immediately losing their Griffins in exchange for a Deimos. In doing so however, they handed Morsus Mihi the electronics warfare advantage, something which they capitalized upon ruthlessly as they constantly threatened the logistics chain. Putting the smart in “smartbombs”, KIA nullified the effect of the drone-heavy Morsus Mihi team, which could have easily turned the match with their ECM drones.

Many times it looked as if a KIA Guardian was going to fall as the Griffins and drones constantly troubled it, but just as last time the KIA team kept their cool and held on, eventually turning the tide against the MM team by removing their electronics warfare advantage. From there they slowly worked their way through the rest of their opponent’s team.

Match 48: eXceed. Vs R0ADKILL

A strong showing by eXceed., who fielded a unique and well-executed variation on the dual-logistics formation for a totalhelldeath win.

eXceed.: 2 Guardians | 2 Curses | 2 Ruptures
R0ADKILL: 3 Drakes | Basilisk | Rook | Griffins

Knocking out two Griffins quickly, eXceed. looked strong from the beginning. They mixed up some solid logistics work, working in tandem with the capacitor neutralization from their Curses. Despite the heavy ECM from their opponents, eXceed. never really looked threatened, presumably carrying a great amount of ECCM to counter their weakness. Ignoring the Rook, which was either unable to jam because of high sensor-strengths or because the Curses were strangling away their cap. In any case, eXceed. were free to cut through three Drakes and come away eventually with a totalhelldeath win.

Please join us on Friday for further reports as the action unfolds live.

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