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Alliance Tournament V : The BIG Gamble

2008-02-28 - By Svarthol

With the tournament just about to begin, the closing date for betting is just around the corner as well. The reputable BIG corporation has once again made arrangements for people to put their money where their mouth is, offering punters more betting options than ever before.

“BIG is proud once again to be hosting betting for the EVE populace,” states the announcement hosted on their own exclusive fluid router network, one that has seen countless transactions over the years through past tournament betting and the renowned “BIG Lotteries”.

Offered a range of options this year, punters will be able to select various bet types; who will take the coveted Cup home, who will make it to the semi-finals, who will advance to Round Two and who will win a particular group.

Another equally interesting addition to this year’s format is the “late entry” betting, which allows pilots to place bets even after the blood has already started to spill.

“We, as usual, offer a multitude of betting options. We know from the past that many are not satisfied with just betting on who will win overall, and we of course aim to please. We will even allow you to make some of your bets well into the tournament (before the brackets start).”

With only a short amount of time before the normal betting closes (and only a little while longer until betting is closed entirely), punters should act quickly to place their hard-earned ISK down in the name of their favorite competitor.

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