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Alliance Tournament V : The Countdown Has Begun

2008-02-13 - By Svarthol

Once again the time for words is coming to an end and the guns will soon do the talking. The Fifth Alliance Tournament is just around the corner - coming to your GalNet viewer at the end of this month.

The organisers and event staff are currently hard at work, planning transit logistics and constructing the purpose built arenas. In amongst this busy schedule they had to find the time to arrange the battle schedule, which has just been announced.

In typical tournament tradition, selected members of staff were invited to pick names at random from a list of competitors in order to form the group lists. Rumors that the device used was called 'Ragnar's Hat' have not been substantiated.

The full schedule and group lists are now available on the official GalNet pages.

In related news, prizes for the tournament have not yet been officially announced, however there are rumors that several factions, including a number of pirate groups, will be sponsoring teams in a similar fashion to the last tournament. More news on that as it becomes available.

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