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Alliance Tournament X – Full schedule, Prizes and Streaming changes

2012-06-01 - By CCP Navigator

Alliance Tournament X will start in a little over four weeks on Saturday June, 30 and we are here to tell you about what you can expect to see in this upcoming event. The Alliance Tournament team and commentators are ramping up to bring you the biggest and most exciting tournament to date. This year we changed the format for team sign ups with 32 teams entering through a random draw and 32 teams through an auction process. During the CSM summit this week, members of the CSM conducted a random draw to pair the teams as follows:

Team pairings and schedule

64 team Pre Qualifying Round 1 – Saturday, June 30, Sunday, July 1

64 team Pre Qualifying Round 2 – Saturday, July 7, Sunday, July 8

32 team Group Stages – Saturday, July 14, Sunday, July 15 & Saturday, July 21

16 team Finals – Sunday, July 22

The random draw carried out by the CSM is:

Qualifying round 1 - Day 1 - 30th June (All times in UTC)

15:00 Agony Empire vs. Exiled Ones

15:20 Solar Fleet vs. Dead Terrorists

15:40 Lone Star Partners vs. Raiden.

16:00 The Kadeshi vs. The Space Police

16:20 Hun Reloaded vs. Perihelion Alliance

16:40 Babylon 5.. vs. Nulli Secunda

17:00 Noir Mercenary Group vs. Elysian Empire

17:20 Red Overlord vs. R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.

18:20 Fearless. Vs. Sleeper Social Club

18:40 Darkside vs. RAZOR Alliance

19:00 Get Off My Lawn vs. RvB

19:20 Why So Serious? Vs. Against ALL Authorities

19:40 Exodus vs. Bruderschaft der Pilger

20:00 Goonswarm Federation vs.  Brick Squad

20:20 Out of Sight vs. Pure Madness

20:40 The Veyr Collective vs. Northern Coalition.

Qualifying round 1 - Day 2 - 1st July (All times in UTC)

15:00 Dark Taboo vs. Alpha Volley Union

15:20 Manifest destiny vs. Verge of Collapse

15:40 Shadow Cartel vs. Tribal Conclave

16:00 Dystopia Alliance vs. Pandemic Legion

16:20 Heretic Nation vs. Romanian Legion

16:40 Evoke vs. Wormhole Holders

17:00 The RONIN vs. Dirt Nap Squad

17:20 Gypsy Band vs. Curatores Veritatis Alliance

18:20 Fatal Ascension vs. Kill it with fire


19:00 Capital Punishment. Vs. Suddenly Spaceships

19:20 Black Legion vs. Mildly Intoxicated

19:40 The Forth District vs. The Gorgon Empire

20:00 No Holes Barred vs. Team Liquid

20:20 Chokepoint vs. Fluffeh Bunneh Murder Squad

20:40 The G0dfathers vs. Test Alliance Please Ignore

Further details of match schedules will be available on the Alliance Tournament page.

Streaming of Alliance Tournament X and Commentary

I am GM Alvaldi/CCP Bro  and I‘m going to tell you a bit about the Alliance Tournament stream this year. We are happy to announce that we are partnering up with to cater to all of your AT needs. If you don‘t know who they are then I recommend that you check out as fast as humanly possible. Not only will we be bringing you all the action from AT X live we will also be kicking off the party by streaming all the Alliance tournaments since AT VI during the weekends leading up to the tournament.

But we won‘t stop there. In our tireless effort to bring you entertainment in the form of spaceships shooting each other,  we hope that through the partnership with that we here at CCP as well as you, the community, can create stories and events that make EVE such a great game, live in front of thousands of people!

If you have any questions then feel free to post them in the comments or on twitter @CCP_Bro

The former alliance tournaments will be broadcast as follows:

Alliance Tournament VI Replay

Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3. Stream begins at 12:00 UTC with days 1 to 4 of the tournament on Saturday and days 5 & 6 with studio segments on Sunday.

Alliance Tournament VII Replay

Saturday, June9  and Sunday, June 10. Stream begins at 12:00 UTC with days 1 to 4 of the tournament on Saturday and days 5 & 6 with studio segments on Sunday.

Alliance Tournament VIII Replay

Saturday, June 16 and Sunday, June 17. Stream begins at 12:00 UTC with days 1 to 4 of the tournament on Saturday and days 5 & 6 with studio segments on Sunday.

Alliance Tournament IX Replay

Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24. Stream begins at 12:00 UTC with days 1 to 2 of the tournament on Saturday and days 3 & 4 on Sunday all complete with studio segments.

Stuart Saw, the Director of Content and Strategy for has these words for the players of EVE Online:

‘The opportunity to work with CCP for the Alliance Tournament has had everyone very excited. We've got a few EVE fans within our midst and we're all looking forward to seeing it played out in competition. is the best place for large HD video game streams, our scalable infrastructure and monetisation options house some of the biggest gaming streamers on the planet and we look forward to welcoming CCP & The EVE community to that club.’

Feedback from Alliance Tournament IX highlighted that players were unhappy that the qualifying rounds were not streamed so this year we are streaming every match. The first two weekends, which are the six man qualifying rounds, will be broadcast with commentary provided by kil2, Raivi, Michael Bolton III, Zastrow and Lazarus Telraven.


So down to the nitty gritty of why everyone is here – the prizes.  This year the tournament is sponsored by the Caldari State who has spared no expense in creating two extremely powerful and versatile ships in their class. These ships will be based on the Osprey and Merlin hulls.

The Osprey hull is Etana. The name is drawn from the same branch of mythology as the Gallente Ishtar and the AT8 Utu, and has a nice connotation with some ancient Caldari-Gallente history involving Caldari Prime. This variant, which is the first prize, is a pioneering logistics ship with the added capacity to fit a covert ops cloak along with some very powerful skill bonuses.

The Merlin hull is Cambion. The name comes from a half-demonic entity which ties in nicely in with the description of a crazy, fiery rocket brawler with mad overheating bonuses plus it's believed that the Merlin of wizard fame was either a cambion or descended from one.

Design on graphics and bonuses for both of these ships are ongoing and may be subject to change. CCP Soundwave and the Alliance Tournament team will bring you full details on the ships during the live broadcast.

That is all from us here on the Alliance Tournament team and we look forward to bringing you all the action from AT X in the coming weeks.

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