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Alliance Tournament XI - Results of the auction

2013-06-19 - By CCP Bro

After a nail biting silent auction we have our winners and competitors for Alliance Tournament XI. I know a lot of you are bursting with excitement to find out who got in so without further ado here are your 32 teams that qualified through the silent auction. Everybody ready? Everybody gripping their chairs with excitement? Everybody have a buddy nearby to catch you if you faint? Ok, that’s enough of that.

Silent auction

Random draw


Confederation of xXPIZZAXx

Choke Point


Curatores Veritatis Alliance

Test Alliance please ignore

D3vil's Childr3n



The Obsidian Front

Dead Terrorists

Drunk ´N´ Disorderly

Exiled Ones


Goonswarm Federation

End Of Life

Heretic Initiative

Clockwork Pineapple


Perihelion Alliance

Kill it With Fire

HUN Reloaded


Urine Alliance

Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork


Noir. Mercenary Group


Nulli Secunda

Angeli Mortis

Of Sound Mind

Synthetic Systems

Pandemic Legion

Darkness of Despair

Quebec United Legions


Rote Kapelle

WHY So Seri0Us

RvB - Blue Republic

Agony Empire

Sicarius Draconis

RAZOR Alliance

Sleeper Social Club

Wormhole Holders

Solar Fleet

Late Night Alliance

Surely You're Joking

Babylon 5..

The Fourth District

Shadow Cartel

The G0dfathers


The Initiative

Sadistica Alliance

The Kadeshi



No Holes Barred

Transmission Lost

Mildly Sober

Verge Of Collapse

Rainbow Dash Friends



Here are your teams for the Alliance Tournament XI! (Note, auction winners are listed in alphabetical order). Congratulations to the alliances that have made it this far. I can safely say the journey will be harder from now on, some will try and fall; others will succeed and advance. But one thing is certain: at the end of the tournament we will have our champion!

But we are not done yet. Our wonderful web team have been working hard on getting the tournament website up and running and I highly recommend that you check it out if you are interested in who is playing who and at what time, what the rules are and the latest news about the tournament.

One more thing before we wrap this blog up. This year we are adding something new to the Alliance Tournament broadcast. For the first time we will have an entire broadcast hosted and commentated in Russian. This is a test run to scope the viability of alternate language streams when it comes to tournaments in our effort to break down the language barrier that may have kept previous Alliance Tournaments out of reach from some of our non-English speaking players. As commentators for this stream we will have CCP Vesna Prishla and CCP Leeloo.

As always we love to hear what you have to say, so leave a comment and let the theorycrafting begin!

If you are new to the Alliance Tournament and want to learn more you can watch videos from previous tournaments on our Youtube page here.

On behalf of the tournament team,