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Alliance Tournament XI sign-ups are live

2013-06-04 - By CCP Gargant

The sign-ups forAlliance Tournament XI are now live! Alliance executors (CEO in the executor corporation) can enter the sign-up from the account management and register their alliances' team into the tournament. The price for signing up is 5 PLEX which must be reverse redeemed for them to be removed. Refer to this guide on how to reverse redeem PLEX. The sign-up closes at 23:59 UTC on Sunday 9th of June, so get to it!

This sign-up will get your alliance into the random draw, where 32 teams will get straight into the Alliance Tournament XI via a random draw that will be streamed live via the CCP Games channel. For those who are not selected in the random draw, from June 12th to 23:59 UTC on June 16th, we will have a silent auction where your alliance can bid PLEX for a spot in the Alliance Tournament XI. The PLEX used for signing up can be used to bid so all alliances will have a starting bid of 5 PLEX. If your alliance is not successful in either the random draw or the silent auction, your PLEX will be refunded to you.

The Tournament Team wants to encourage all curious alliances to sign-up and participate in this 11th Alliance Tournament. We have made strides to ease the cost of participation by reducing the sign-up fee, restricting the use of high cost implants, and allowing alliance teams to pratice on a seperate server. You can read the entire rules and format blog here. So come one, come all and join us in a fun, exciting event that will be streamed live in late July!

To recap: the sign-up for AT XI is now live until 23:59 UTC on Sunday 9th of June. Get your alliance executor to reverse redeem 5 PLEX and head over to this link: