Alliance Tournament XIII - Weekend 2 | EVE Online

Alliance Tournament XIII - Weekend 2

2015-08-21 - By CCP Logibro

Alliance Tournament XIII continues with the second weekend kicking off tomorrow. CCP’s coverage starts at 13:45 UTC from the studio, with the first match starting at 14:00 UTC. Make sure you’re prepared to catch all the action on our twitch channel

This weekend begins with a series of elimination matches with teams fighting to stay in the tournament. We’re also welcoming our player commentators to the studio. This year we have Apothne, Elise Randolph, Chessur and Sir Squeebles in Iceland, ready to give their expert views on what’s happening in every battle over the next two weekends.

Make sure to let us know your thoughts on the matches as they unfold by using the #ATXIII hashtag on twitter or by tweeting at @EVETournament.

Remember: The best ship, is championship. We’ll see you in twitch chat this weekend.