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Alliance Tournament XIX Feeders & Prizes

2023-06-23 - By EVE Online Team

The Gallente-sponsored Alliance Tournament XIX is fast approaching! Beginning 24 June, 46 teams will battle it out for just 28 spots in the first round of AT XIX: The Feeders Tournament. In a statement to the Interstellar Gaming Commission, President Celes Aguard proudly announced some changes to the Alliance Tournament structure, focusing on a very egalitarian format. As such, no competitors of AT XIX were allowed to bid into the main tournament. Instead, they must fight it out in the Feeders Tournament – a preliminary qualifier segment for the 32-team main event, which takes place in August. With our partners at EVE NT, all four weekends of AT XIX will be livestreamed over on CCPTV!

Alliance Tournament Format & Direct Invites

Alliance Tournament XVIII was rife with upsets, expert tactics, unlikely comebacks, and plenty of explosions. To honor those who endured the trials, the top 4 teams were given direct invites into Alliance Tournament XIX. These four teams are:


  • #2 Odin’s Call


  • #4 The Tuskers Co.

They will join the 28 finishers from the Feeders Tournament to form the 32-team Alliance Tournament XIX Main Event. Just as in previous years, this event will be a dual elimination format over two weekends. You can check out the full rules here: Alliance Tournament XIX Rules and Registration

AT Feeders – Match Schedule and list of teams


Spanning two weekends, the four-day Feeders tournament kicks off at 17:00 UTC on 24 June with an epic match between Goonswarm Federation and Snuffed Out. The broadcast will start at 16:45 over on CCPTV. The full schedule can be found here, along with a full list of competing teams. Just a note regarding the schedule: Prismatic Legion and Singularity Syndicate have withdrawn from the tournament. As such, ‘Arrival.’ and ‘A Band Apart’ will advance in their first-round matchups automatically.

Collaborating once again with the player organization EVE NT, tournament newcomers and veterans alike will have all the action commentated by an incredibly talented set of player-casters and analysts. Want to flaunt your luck tournament knowledge? We’ll be using Twitch’s native prediction functionality for each and every match. Exchange CCP TV LP for some exclusive SKINs, and perhaps some other prizes!

Prize Format

The Gallente haven’t hosted an Alliance Tournament since AT VIII, where the Adrestia and Utu were awarded to winners Pandemic Legion and runners up Hydra Reloaded, and they’re returning in style. Now, let's catch a glimpse of the tremendous spoils awaiting our daring competitors and those rallying behind them.

Two years ago, the IGC broadened the distribution of Alliance Tournament prize ships. Extremely happy with the outcome, they have ensured that all hosts maintain the same distribution as the previous two years.

This Year’s Prize Ship Distribution:

  • 1st (winner of finals): 40x [Frigate], 40x [Cruiser]

  • 2nd (loser of winner’s bracket): 20x [Frigate], 20x [Cruiser]

  • 3rd (loser of match 61): 16x [Frigate], 16x [Cruiser]

  • 4th (loser of match 60): 12x [Frigate], 12x [Cruiser]

  • Top 6 (2 teams, K.O. in losers round 6): 8x [Frigate], 8x [Cruiser]

  • Top 8 (2 teams, K.O. in losers round 5): 6x [Frigate], 6x [Cruiser]

  • Top 12 (4 teams, K.O. in losers round 4): 4x [Frigate], 4x [Cruiser]

  • Top 16 (4 teams, K.O. in losers round 3): 2x [Frigate], 2x [Cruiser]

  • Total of 140 of each ship rewarded

Prize Ships

Introducing the pride of the Gallente Federation: Cybele Heavy Assault Cruiser and the Shapash Assault Frigate. These champions of speed, precision, and durability are sure to impress when controlled by a skilled pilot. Engineers at Roden Shipyards are still adjusting the final designs so there may be changes before these prizes are awarded, but their latest prototypes in testing had the following design:


Gallente Assault Frigate

“The Utu was a fine ship, which has even featured in several Alliance Tournament matches itself. We wanted to create a ship that builds on the strengths of the Ishkur, while also being strong in the hands of a pilot who understands positioning. Don’t get it twisted - the Shapash can survive if tackled, but it is by no means indestructible. Creating smaller engagement envelopes like this empowers us to make the ships quite strong. Mistakes will be made, without a doubt.”


Gallente Heavy Assault Ship

"One of the most iconic ship hulls both in New Eden and the Alliance Tournament. From Star Fraction’s Thorax Rush to Pandemic Legion’s Adrestia Control – we knew that it was important for the Cybele to be a rush to pilot. Inspired heavily by the playstyle of the Exequror Navy Issue, married with durability from its cousin the Deimos, the Cybele is predicated heavily on positioning, speed, and raw damage. Still, it can brawl itself out of a bad situation when needed – and we expect these to find themselves in plenty of bad situations.”

Prize SKINs

This year the gold burnished and green polished SKINs can be proudly displayed on 9 different Gallente Federation ships, a slight increase from last year's 7. This year the SKINs will be featured on several Federation Navy Issue hulls as well as adding one for our greatly appreciated logistics pilots and a bonus Enyo.

10 SKINs will be granted to a team per match victory, both in the Feeder rounds and the Main Tournament.

The ships that will receive a Victory SKIN for the Alliance Tournament XIX are:

  • Megathron Navy issue

  • Dominix Navy Issue

  • Exequror Navy Issue

  • Myrmidon Navy Issue

  • Brutix Navy Issue

  • Imicus Navy Issue

  • Federation Navy Comet

  • Oneiros

  • Enyo

We can’t wait to kick off Alliance Tournament XIX with you this weekend and watch the epic matchups, upsets, and explosions!