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Alliances Continue to Support Militias

2008-09-18 - By Svarthol

Despite CONCORD restrictions, large alliances continue to support the militias. While some provide indirect or clandestine support, others have been more overt about their efforts. Ushra'Khan and Electus Matari are two alliances that have been publicly supporting the Matari militia's cause.

During the opening weeks of the militia formations, The Tribal Liberation Force appeared to be on an almost unstoppable rampage across Amarr contested space. Offering little resistance, many considered the Amarrian 24th Imperial Crusade to be in dire trouble. In the last few weeks however, the 24th have regrouped and taken back several occupied systems.

Becq Starforged of Ushra'Khan tells us that, “As soon as the CONCORD-sanctioned war started, the alliance as a whole moved to Auga to support the newly-formed militia...I think the effort contributed significantly to the militia's early successes...The ability of Ushra'Khan to support the war effort has been curtailed somewhat by the Republic's complete unwillingness to allow us to continue fighting in what is really the same war we have been fighting since the alliance was formed. We were more than a little disappointed that with Shakor taking the reins, we were still excluded in any official capacity.”

Satisfied with the early successes of the Tribal Liberation Force, Ushra'Khan limited themselves from any further involvement in the war. Karn Mithralis explains: “It became clear that our efforts weren't required after the initial weeks...the Matari corps and Militia had it well in hand so we withdrew from the field and have taken our fight elsewhere.”

Elsebeth Rhiannon, diplomat for Electus Matari tells us that: “Since the Republic was driven to a war, we consider ourselves at war with Amarr loyalist forces, including but not limited to the Amarr militia... This war is what we have prepared for for a long time...we have simply added the Amarr militia and their known allies to the list of targets patrols can freely engage, and patrols co-operate with militia members when a military target needs to be taken or recaptured.

"We have also declared wars on Amarr militia corporations, with variable success. Our war with the Ammatar Free Corps removed a major threat to the Republic, by forcing one of the most active system capturing forces of the Amarr militia out of our space.”

As for that war with the Ammatar Free Corps, corporate member Shern tells us that: “The Electus Matari war declaration didn't last very long, as we were in the process of redeploying our forces for the successful Huola campaign. We have not seen serious EM forces in our area of operations in tribal space since our return there. The Ammatar Free Corps and our people as a whole have been at war for so long that the wardec did not seriously affect us. We welcome the chance to deal with certain Ammatar traitors who EM are sheltering. These men and women have no honour and will be crushed like the vermin they are!”

To explain the mounting Minmatar losses, Fleet Commander Arkady Sadik tells us “the answer is simple...Like all the militias, the Minmatar militia is losing pilots - in this case, though, we are losing them faster than the Amarr militia...For weeks now the Amarr militia was all but dead. They provided no resistance to our attacks. This has changed drastically. They have found organization and are fielding fleets that can take on the Minmatar militia fleets...they have [also received] reinforcements [from] very combat-experienced corporations. These changes have caught the Matari militia by surprise. They will need to adapt. For now, I do not see a reason to be panicked about it. It will take some time to adapt. Then we will see where it is going.”

Elsebeth Rhiannon adds; “The tide has turned for now, maybe, but I am one hundred percent confident it will turn back, and turn again many times, before this is over. We are prepared to fight for years, decades even - the outcomes of these initial skirmishes are exciting, but in the long run unimportant. “

With the Tribal Liberation Force now steadily losing ground to the Amarr Militia, it remains to be seen just how significant an impact large alliances can have on militia warfare.