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Alliances Involved In Militia Politics

2008-08-12 - By Svarthol

The Emergency Militia War Powers Act prohibits pod pilot alliances from joining the militias. Despite the prohibition, some large alliances are becoming actively involved in militia politics.

Star Fraction has openly declared war on corporations that have joined the Caldari militia; the State Protectorate. For over a month, Star Fraction has been selectively targeting the corporations of fleet commanders in the Caldari militia.

Jade Constantine tells us: “Any corporation that describes itself as a “command and control” or organizer inside the State Protectorate is a potential target for Star Fraction action. We are continuously monitoring Protectorate fleet assembly and musters and are prepared to declare war against any significant corporate entity that chooses to support the Heth regime and cause of Caldari nationalism in Black Rise.”

To explain the political cause of the Star Fraction campaign, Jade Constantine made the following speech during negotiations for the withdrawal of Tacos Revolution corporation from the State Protectorate;

“The Caldari State was founded on principles of free commerce and capitalist exploitation of spaceborn resources and fought a war against the nationalist protectism of the Gallente Federation. Elements of the Caldari State have always impressed the Fractionist cause until now. The recent upheaval in the Caldari State has seen a bloody handed fascist tyrant rise to singular power and adopt regressive fiscal politics and embrace nationalist deceit as a universal coda the most open minded of the State leaders Otro Garushi has been slain and his legacy destroyed. Those capsuleers who have sworn loyalty and service to the Caldari State Protectorate have betrayed the promise of immortality and post human liberation and have fallen to sway of a baseline tyrant and his fascist cause thus we come to Star Fraction's interest in Black Rise. Any capsuleer corporation that decides to aid the cause of Heth will be targetted by the Star Fraction movement we will commit to assassination, sabotage, guerilla warfare and open fleet confrontation to deny the organization and leadership that capsuleer corps can provide. Heth is our enemy. Ignorance is our foe and bloody handed carnage is our weapon. I trust when you disassociate your corporation from the cause of the tyrant Heth and spit on his name we will laud you free and independent capsuleers worthy of our friendship and respect and you will be the Caldari we admire.”

Although Star Fraction has been aggressively pursuing their campaign for over a month, only two corporations have left the State Protectorate, and one of those was planning on leaving in any case. As RapidTaco tells us, “Our intentions had been to leave [the militia] for probably about one week before we even began talks with Star Fraction about ending it. They may have accelerated the timetable for withdraw by two days or so. As far as it hurting Caldari as a whole or restricting Fleet Commanders from the fight I would say the damage is minimal.” RapidTaco’s feelings are shared by some of the other targets of Star Fraction’s campaign that have remained active in the militia.

An anonymous pilot of one of these corporations said; “She and Star Fraction have their own personal agenda that lead down the road of simply bullying inexperienced pilots and exploiting militia borders in a sad attempt at real combat. She is greatly misinformed of my corp, the militia's corps, and the entire militia as a whole. Her actions are disgusting and have not solved any politics, or deterred any of our militia's goals. The Star Fraction wars have only made our militia stronger, and have had little to no impact on the real war with Gallente. Let's face the truth here... SF wants easy targets, and Caldari militia has plenty to go around. Simple... SF are bullies not fit to even sulk at the bottom of my mud soaked boots... Period.”

Although politics seems to be the stated cause of Star Fraction’s assaults, some of Star Fractions targets believe Jade is a bit off target. Jude Copenhagen, former CEO of Duty says, “Declaring war on us in order to fight Heth's "fascist politics" does not make sense. We fight for the people, not Heth. As capsuleers it is our responsibility to decrease the loss of lives of our people. In each engagement we serve as capsuleers, we save lives of the people serving in the regular Navy. Even destroying us would not have furthered their goals.”

Yuki Li of Omerta Syndicate agrees: “Jade Constantine is clearly delusional, as Omerta Syndicate is not a supporter of Tibus Heth, we're only involved for the sake of the Caldari population as whole, if State borders fall, the consequences will be more than just Heth's head.”

Captain Svetlana Scarlet of the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve tells us: “While it is true that Star Fraction declared war on the Reserve, it is hard for us to speak as to her motivations. This was hardly the first time that she declared war on us; our conflict goes back at least three years, and her line has long been that support of any government, regardless of type, was a casus belli for her organization.

If she was attacking us to undermine the regime of Tibus Heth, then it would seem that her aim was rather far off. The Reserve has not defended the Heth regime and, in fact, we have called for an investigation of the methods he used to come to power, and the restoration of the previous decentralized Caldari government. We are fighting under State auspices because we discovered that it is nearly impossible to effectively safeguard Caldari borders against Gallente intrusions without sanction from the State, not because we support the Heth regime. Either way, our most recent conflict with them was rather low-intensity, with few engagements on the scale of what we saw in previous wars, and we managed to do significantly more damage to them than they did to us.”

Despite these setbacks, Jade Constantine continues, “The ultimate goal is the war for hearts and minds and the realm of the imagination. We are showing the star cluster that nationalism breeds weakness and cowardly evasion while independent Freespace anarcho-capitalism fosters strength and boundless confidence and accomplishment…this campaign highlights the difference between free immortal aspiration and the knuckle-dragging nationalist delusion that strips the humanity from even the posthuman, and will drag our species back to the dirtside mud of the worlds below unless we choose to gaze at the stars with eyes burning with hope and bright courage . We call upon the capsuleer class to shoot these tyrants in their face and hurl down the detritus of imperialist rot around the corpses of the past, we in the Star Fraction are first into the breach; we are the example that will set the future free.”

Jade Constantine hinted that Morsus Mihi and Ushra’Khan may be pursuing similar courses of action. Interstellar Correspondents is investigating these rumors and will follow up accordingly.