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'Allo 'allo

2003-06-13 - By LeKjart

Spent this week on a distributor and press tour in Paris with Siggi, our PR and marketing guy. The whole of France was paralyzed with strikes, and at some point I was convinced that I would probably have to sleep underneath Seine's bridges. But as french people are accustomed to massive strikes, life somehow went on as usual, and with the good help of Aurélie and André at THQ we somehow managed to cover everything we wanted to. Drank some red wine, ate cheese and met with a lot of great MMOG buffs there. The game will go on distribution in France by the end of this month, and the press will probably cover it in their July or August editions (sooner for Web publications, obviously). Overall we got an excellent feedback, and I am convinced that EVE will find a enthusiastic audience here. Cocorico!